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None No point No fee credit

But you will probably have to accept a higher interest rate over the term of the loan. If they had taken out loans (or a free mortgage) instead, they would have saved money. Yes, you will, but not in the form of fees.

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Undoubtedly, zero capital costs are the most convincing credit instrument we have provided since Solomon Financial was founded in 1990. Those two words, straightforward but very effective, immediately evoke opportunities and chances in the heads of our potential customer buyers, and our zero charge advertisements cause virtually 100 s of skilled potential customers to call us.

A lot of them have the wrong idea that free credit is not possible in most market places. A lot of real estate agents or agents believe that the vast majority of zero call costs they get come from unskilled individuals who really can't buy it. I hope that this misunderstanding will prevent our competition from figuring out how simple and risk-free zero-finance is.

Often, there is no "break-even" point between 15-year firm credits, point and fee credits, and zero interest rate credits. The payment of the acquisition fee is a game in which the prices will not fall! The majority of our customers prefer to avoid payment and re-finance themselves free of charge in the event of falling interest and assume the warranty.

Contact one of our advisors who will provide you with written proof of the advantages of a free loan with a credit costs assessment. Ask always for a bona fide estimate from your loan processor among other important points! Our website contains the book "What Loan Officer's Don't Want You To Know.

" Solomon Financial's advisors will tell you which is the right credit programme for YOUR precise circumstances, at no charge or liability. However, the good thing about no points, no charges, & no lock fee loans is that when prices come up, we can re-finance you and it won't hurt to lower your installment because you won't be paying lockage.

Allow us to show you where you can afford the acquisition cost and lower your exchange price. Have our advisors show you the breakeven point to see if it makes business sense. What's the point? Featuring interest at all times reaching new records & all ongoing funding, which funding scenarios make the most sense? What is the best way to achieve this?

Now, many of the big creditors do not even provide a "true" No point, no fee, & no refinancing costs. This means that once we have finished your loan to buy or your refinancing, your credit balances will be exactly the same. You will not add a single pence to your credit account surplus (unless you want a payout).

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and interest are exactly the same. "I' ve heard interest levels vary once a week. Really? "Actually, interest levels are changing as OFTEN AS ?TOCK PICES. The interest levels track the bonds markets and can fluctuate as quickly as the equity markets. It is a 95% indication of what can be done with interest levels.

5 percent and payed $4,000 in closure charges... so I save more per months by paying these charges. "Well, the reality is that it doesn't start to make any sense to score points and close charges unless you have a credit balance of $500,000 or more. With our No Point, no charges, no locking fee programme, should the interest fall, we can re-finance your loan AND it won't take a cent for you to do it next on.

If they had been paying points or closure fees, they would have been losing that cash. If they had repaid the closure fees, they would have already incurred a loss of over $10,000. "With the loan programmes available today, if you have a good rating (700 or higher), you can in principle be qualified for any kind of financing:

"until interest falls 1% or 2%. True, at any given moment you can lower your interest lower - even a 1/8th of a percentage is a good refinancing period. When you are expecting prices to fall, there is no need to maintain our programme.

" LARGE MYTH: Doing a refund; or getting an estimate has nothing to do with your wealth tax changed because of the refinancing.

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