Nothing down Mortgage

No down Mortgage

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Buying a home without failure

It was a period when almost anyone could buy a home without having any change. They are no longer willing to loan to anyone who does not hold at least 20 per cent of the shares in the capital outlay. When you don't have the funds for a down pay, or you just want to fund the entire purchase, there are still ways to do it.

Request a second mortgage for the 20 per cent deposit needed. Interest on this second credit may not be as good as the first, as the bank is not always so eager to get credit for this use. Given that a bank no longer lends the full amount for home purchase, splitting into two parts is a very expensive but efficient way to obtain the necessary financing and comply with the rule.

Purchase mortgage protection for the 20% mortgage to fully meet the cost of your incapacity to make timely payments. It is unlikely that a bank will give you a 20% deposit without a guaranteed payout. These guarantees come in the shape of mortgage protection.

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