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Partial and partial mortgages | Only mortgage agents Whilst the overwhelming majority of mortgage loans are either principal repayments or just interest, there is a third kind known as a "part-to-part" mortgage. Therefore, the mortgage is "partially" repayable and "partially" only interest-bearing. To give a straightforward example, think of a mortgage of 200,000, with 120,000 on a repayment date and 80,000 only on an interest rate base. At the end of the stipulated maturity, the redemption amount (£120,000) is fully disbursed and the pure interest amount (£80,000) is still due at the end of the maturity.

So why should you select a partial or partial mortgage? There are lower interest rates per month than for a full repayment mortgage, while the overall interest rate over the life of the mortgage is lower than for an equal pure interest rate mortgage. Partial and partial mortgage loans may be particularly beneficial to those who have a repayment formula or capital expenditure scheme of which they know (or suspect) that they cannot disburse enough to repay the entire mortgage portfolio at the end of the stipulated time.

This has been the case in recent years for some borrower who have taken out life insurance that was generally marketed as a mortgage repayment vehicle in the eighties and early nineties, but which in many cases has not developed as anticipated and has since been said to disburse a lower amount at the due date.

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When you have a pure interest mortgage, your mortgage only pays the interest on the month. There is no reduction in the amount you initially lent, which means that when your mortgage matures you must have sufficient money to reimburse the entire amount lent. But we do realize that moving from a pure interest rate mortgage to a redemption mortgage can be a significant rise in spending per month, which is not possible for many individuals, so we can provide our clients with the opportunity to switch to a partial or partial mortgage.

In the case of a partial or partial mortgage, part of your mortgage is on repayment and the other part is only on interest. While this does not ensure that your mortgage credit will be disbursed at the end of the life, you will at least know that you are cutting back the debts you have.

It can be a more accessible way for some folks to help them switch from a pure interest mortgage to the disbursement of their credit. For more information on interest rate mortgage lending, The Money Advice Service is a free, impartial and impartial resource accessible to everyone.

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