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The Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation acts as an advisory mortgage banking company in Illinois. Very satisfied with Kim ********* at Platinum Home Mortgage and Team! Platin Home Mortgage Corporation Ratings and Ratings by Platin Home Mortgage Corporation

Platinum Home Mortgage was established in 1993 and is a domestic mortgage broker providing a full range of mortgage funding solutions to first-time purchasers, successors and private clients seeking refinancing. Many creditors call themselves "direct lenders" and the definitions often depend on who you ask. Partnering with a creditor who does everything below, such as Platinum Home Mortgage, means he gets access to more types of finance to satisfy the diverse needs of a broader population.

A creditor who directly sells to another creditor and has a standing to subscribe and authorise his own credit. A creditor who has his own stock line to finance his own credit. A creditor who resells credit to Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac.

A creditor who invests credit in Ginnie Mae bonds. A creditor who can do anything. Our focus is on the well-being of our clients and we aim to make the construction finance procedure an unforgettable one. Providing our clients with the highest level of services in our industry: rapid turnaround time, reasonable insurance coverage and the clear commitment to providing our community with ethically solid home finance.

Nice work Mohan! My mortgage was concluded with Platinum Home Mortgage and it took me 2-3 working day and it was easy. Muhan was fantastic. My trial was very quick and he was able to explain each and every one of my documents very well. You have done quite a good work and if I need another home in the near term I will....

I had Mohan call me, and I had Mohan call me a month ago. Both he and Jay made it possible for me to go home with Platinum Mortgage. Working with Leslie Church at Platinum Home Mortgage was an unforgettable moment, and she was really committed to help us buy a house.

She is a highly qualified and experienced mortgage lender who has placed her full trust in the home purchase proces. Afraid that I wouldn't be able to get funding because I didn't have the best loan, Mohan calmed me down and spoke to me about the funding procedure and what action would need to be taken to complete the request and obtain funding.

Mohan I commend to all mine.... Mohan Cheema during my new home buy. Mahan understands my pecuniary circumstances and could find a way for me to get the credit. Its working processes and communications were simple and succinct when I have a query, even at the weekend!

Many thanks Platinum Home.... I' am extremely satisfied with my Mohan experiences with the platinum house mortgage. Immediately after our meeting Mohan followed us and gave us his approval on the same one. This was by far the best credit event I've ever had from beginning to end. Thank you Jerod for bringing us to our great new home.

Muhan is a superstar in mortgage counseling. Both he and Jay made it look very simple and seamless. I am in the midst of the trial and hope to be able to complete this deal with Mohan soon. Muhan Cheema and his crew are the best mortgage professionals.

It was the first times we were house purchasers and they really took the trouble to tell us everything in detail. One mortgage lender!

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