Pre Loan


Advance approved and pre-qualified credit offers. Advance approved credit cards and advance approval loans can be a legitimate way for banks and lenders to acquire business. See if you can pre-qualify for a personal loan without compromising your creditworthiness.


Preapproved loan is a loan that has been signed and accepted. That means that the claimant has filled out a loan request, authorised a loan review and provided documentation that substantiates incomes, wealth and other information. An homebuyer with a pre-approved loan should be able to make a home purchase as long as the selected real estate complies with the lender's policies.

Purchasers with pre-approved mortgage approvals are favoured by home vendors and their offerings can be given greater attention. An advance loan can also be a loan that a creditor gives to a borrowing party before buying a car. As a rule, these credits are only available for a certain period of qualifying period, e.g. 30 calendar days from the date of credit authorization.

In order to gain a bargaining chip for yourself, you will always receive a pre-approved loan when you are willing to buy a vehicle. Do you have a pre-approved credit checks scheme with you when you go to a dealership, or when you go to test drive for a used vehicle that is for sale by a single car owners. Why? a pre-approved loan gives you bargaining strength when you buy a vehicle, whether you buy from a dealership or a personal home.

Locking in also helps protect you if interest rises before you conclude the contract. A loan must be used within a certain period of e.g. 30 workingdays after the approval of the loan. When you already have a fixed installment from another creditor, a pre-approved loan can help you get the merchant to lower his installment in order to adjust it.

Your interest rate is often higher than what you go to buy and could get a pre-approved loan on your own, dependent on your solvency. You can resell the loan to a financial institution and get a fee calculated on what interest you pay and what the normal banking fee is.

A way to get a pre-approved loan is to use your home to fund your car purchases. Interest rates may be lower than other pre-approved mortgages and interest rates may be subject to deduction for taxation purposes. When considering access to your home equity, make sure you balance the advantages and disadvantages.

Credit is always the best choice that best suits your needs.

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