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Join Premier Mortgage Resources (PMR):. The friendly, trained and experienced credit professionals at Premier will guide you through the mortgage process and help you realize your dream of owning your own home. Based in Morgantown, WV, we specialize in making your mortgage experience fast and uncomplicated. Our mortgage rates are the best in the Pittsburgh region and our fees are lower because we are independent. The Premier Mortgage of Rochester specializes in the purchase or refinancing of Minnesota residential property.

Prime Mortgage Resources

Hello and welcome to Premier Mortgage Resources (PMR): As we know, there are many places to find a home mortgage, but not all home mortgages are the same. As each homeowner has their own specific financing needs, PMR offers a broad range of credit facilities and instruments to address these needs.

Above all, we concentrate on delivering the highest level of customer care and attentiveness to details that you should be expecting with your home loans supplier. QuickTrac - Credit approvals - Fast! By applying for a home loans through PMR, you get the assistance of a full operational employee and the effectiveness of our proprietary FastTracĀ© credit approval system.

FastTracĀ© allows your credit to go directly into our underwriting system for approvals, often before a real estate is even ID'd. From the upper right hand side of the screen, you can pick a site and then pick a credit analyst. Once you have found your credit advisor, click "Apply Now" and start your FastTrac authorisation.

Attempting to find the right home loans can be a challenge.

Attempting to find the right home loans can be a challenge. The search for the right mortgage bank to help you in the credit crunch can be quite bewildering. As you will see, the breadth of our credit history, the level of our knowledge, the level of our professionality and the attention we give to each and every customer make the credit procedure simple to comprehend. Benefit from our expert knowledge by submitting your application on-line or talking directly to one of the mortgage experts for personal advice.

This is why we want to make it fast and simple to apply for your home loans. VA Loans is a special lending programme designed to help vets, members of the Armed Services and their family buy a home. A FHA can be a great deal if you are not sure whether your financial situation qualifies you for a mortgage.

The Premium Home Mortgage business provides a varied and extensive range of credit solutions to meet the needs of each individual.

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