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We are experts in securing the financing of real estate investments, but we can do much more. Possibilities of financing the purchase of a rental accommodation including equity in your home. Key to the success of real estate investments Owner Finance is an expert in providing financing for real estate investment, but we can do much more. Getting the training to sustain your real estate investment and preparing for the evolving real estate investment environment is the keys to your business sucess. Proprietary Investor Finance is not a banking institution.

It is our aim to make you a prosperous investor with all the know-how you need to acquire assets through real estate investment and then preparing you for these evolving terms so that you can preserve those assets.

Real Estate Investor Finance Option

A number of ways are available to finance the acquisition of rented accommodation. You wanted to buy a $400,000 property and didn't think you had a security stake for the sale. At the time, we requested the full amount of 400,000 US dollars from the banks. 620,000, which were raised against $920,000 in real estate, result in a loan-to-value ratios (LVR) of 67%.

We would then go to another banking establishment and ask for $240,000 to cover the $400,000 buying out. Each of the two types of credit would be tax-deductible (although the small one is protected against its own inhabited apartment) since they were both taken out to buy the rent. Undoubtedly, there are some discussions about the kind of credit that should be used to finance an existing property.

While there is no fixed and quick rules, most real estate developers follow the following strategy: That means that they have a mortgage only for interest on their rented property and make all the principal repayments on their home mortgage. If the home construction credit is disbursed, often the investor chooses to make principal repayments on their capital construction credit.

Others, who do not have owner-occupied debts, often opt for policy and interest rate lending from the very beginning, so that the debts on the leased property are repaid over the years. A few investor (regardless of whether they have owner-occupied debts ) decide to always have only interest rate borrowings. The reason for this is that they have decided to continue to grow their assets over the years and plan to profitably dispose of the property at a later date.

It also allows the owners to have the means to make investments in the modernisation and maintenance of the property.

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