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Buy only mortgage

A borrower can later buy a larger house by qualifying for a larger loan amount. Provides competitive initial interest rates and pure interest payment options. Our Land Only mortgages allow you to buy only land and build equity for future improvements or construction. If a pure interest mortgage has a fixed term, a pure life mortgage is continued for the rest of the mortgage holder's life. Using a traditional mortgage, buyers pay a portion of the principal and interest with each monthly payment.

Types of mortgages - Mortgage choices

Although many folks think of a mortgage just as the mortgage used to buy a home, in fact a mortgage is any kind of mortgage that is backed by home equity. However, it is not a home mortgage. Mortgage loans come in many different forms and can be restructured in different ways. One 30-year term home mortgage is the most preferred mortgage option for purchasing a home.

15-year loans are often used to re-finance mortgages that the debtor has been repaying for several years. With a 5-1 or 7-1 floating interest mortgage (ARM), it can be a good option for someone who anticipates moving again in a few years. Chosing the right kind of mortgage for you will depend on the kind of borrower you are and what you want to do.

A FHA home loans, with its low down pay and soft lending requirement, can be an appealing kind of mortgage for first buyers or those with bad loans. On the other side, a borrower with a good rating can get a better bargain with a traditional mortgage secured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Home Equity loan is a kind of mortgage that is used to lend money by using your home equity as security. Also, if you need to lend a large amount or can lower your mortgage interest rates, you may want to consider re-financing with your bank. Various kinds of mortgage are used for different things.

Loans that meet the needs of one individual may not be well suited for another with different objectives or financial needs.

Construction financing | Northwest Bundeskreditunion

No matter whether you are purchasing a new home, funding an already established mortgage or considering a home buyer credit to turn your present home into your perfect home, we are here to find the right answer for you. Arrange an interview with a construction finance agent (by telephone or in person): They can also take part in one of our free mortgage tutorials or online tutorials to find out more about the home purchase proces.

Underwriters do not all qualifiy for 100% funding or 3% mortgage option. Only available for house purchase in the main apartment. A private mortgage insurance is necessary. Cash Revenue Program is provided by CU Realty Services to purchasers and vendors who choose and deploy a HomeAdvantage realtor using the Cash Revenue Program on the basis of the fees they pay to the realtor.

The use of Northwest Federal for a mortgage is not a prerequisite to earn earning your own hand. The Northwest Federal may have special regulations regarding how your money reward is disbursed. Discounts for giving away bonuses are invalid if they are forbidden by statute. The Northwest Federal is here to help. Join one of our mortgage loan agents (in face-to-face or over the phone) who will help you determine which mortgage options are best for you.

Appreciate your bonuses. Below are sample bonuses for your account with a 3% fee base; your agent's fee base may vary. Ask for a homeowner' s quotation at NW Insurances Agency** can help you find the best prices for your homeowner's cover. Ask for an offer. CU Realty Services awards programme Cash Awards to purchasers and vendors who choose and use a HomeAdvantage realtor as part of their HomeAdvantage networking, on the basis of the fees they pay to the realtor.

The use of Northwest Federal for a mortgage is not a prerequisite to earn earning your own hand. The Northwest Federal may have special regulations regarding how your money reward is disbursed. Discounts for giving away bonuses are invalid if they are forbidden by statute. Insurances are provided through the NW Insurances Agency, a division of NW Capital Management (a fully owned affiliate of the Northwest Federal Credit Union).

NWIA, together with its licenced partner ecosystem, is currently offering car and household contents insurances to citizens in all but the following countries: No NCUA or other state authority assumes, issues or guarantees the coverage. We have a wide range of mortgage choices when it comes to purchasing a home and we will work with you to see which one suits you best:

  • Mortgage at a set interest rate - Gain the certainty that your interest will never rise during the life of your mortgage. There are low and no down payment option available, including: Three percent advance loans or 100 percent Homebuyer's Edge. - Variable Interest Mortgage - Generally enjoy lower per capita repayments than a canned mortgage and augment the amount of home you can afford with our variable interest mortgages (ARMs).

A lower initial interest will regularly adapt to changes in interest levels according to the kind of ARM you use. Find out more with an individual price quotation and request your free pre-approval today. - Low and no down payments option - only available for compliant credit sums. Only main homes and PMI is needed.

  • High Balance Loans - Purchasers in high cost areas may need to consider a high balance loans with credit lines between $453,100 and $679,650* (the amount of the loans is limited by the circle in which the real estate is situated and the number of entities to be purchased). Find out more about this competitively priced fixed-price solution with an individual price quotation.

Limitation only for connected states. - Junbo Loans - Skilled purchasers in the high-end home rental industry can contact Northwest Federal to obtain fix and variable interest Junbo loans up to a max credit amount of $2 million. - VA Loans - An accessible way for current members, vets and entitled spouse survivors to purchase, fund or upgrade their current home.

Savings include: no down payments, lump sums and no private mortgage insurances. - HomeReady? Accessible Mortgage - This mortgage lending facility offers extended suitability for the varied needs of today's buyer and has several advantages for the borrowers as opposed to an FHA loan, including: Deposit of 3% (gift vouchers allowed), reduction in mortgage insurances and flexibility in revenue streams to satisfy qualifying conditions.

The mortgage applicant must occupy an on-line household category and submit a final document to the creditor at the end of the mortgage application process. - Investment property - We provide the purchase and refinancing of mortgage lending for capital goods with 10 or 15 year maturities. Please get an individual quotation for further information. - Property loan* - Financing the purchase of up to 20 hectares of undeveloped property for the location of your dreams home or for leisure use.

Max credit of $200,000. The Northwest Federal makes home buying more affordably than ever with these mortgage options: Good quality borrower can buy a house without cash deduction! The 100% finance facility is available for main residential developments (single-family homes, terraced houses, condominiums) with loans up to $650,000. The mortgage also has a definite maturity - your interest will never rise for the duration of the mortgage.

The 3% down funding options are available to first-time purchasers (and repurchasers) who purchase a main home (single-family home, terraced house or condominium). It is a great choice for shoppers who want less spending out of their pockets when buying a house - the down pay can even be a mother and father present!

It allows first-time purchasers to obtain a mortgage with only 5% excess, provided they have a member of their immediate household who is willing to pay the extra 15%. Combining the two is equivalent to a down pay of 20% - and saves the home purchaser from taking out private mortgage insurance.

Personal mortgage protection is necessary. Find out more about your possibilities with an individual offer and send us your application today. The Northwest Federal is accepting refinancing requests under the improved HARP homeowner guidelines: Mortgages held by Fannie Mae (sold to Fannie Mae before 1 June 2009). Fannie Mae's credit reference tools can help you find out if Fannie Mae has your credit.

We have entered into a partnership with the Crédit Union Mortgage Association to provide inverse mortgages* to members aged 62 and over. Are you interested in cashing in your home's own funds or turning a line of credit into an inverted mortgage? Send an e-mail to our mortgage specialists to find out if this is available in your area.

Available in VA, MD and DC only. House Equities Loans and Home Equities Facilities (HELOC) can be utilized for residence transformation, ample acquiring and indebtedness combining. Given that an Equity or HELOC used your home as security for your home mortgage, the interest rates are usually lower than with other kinds of home mortgage will save you cash.

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