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The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) offers a variety of special products in addition to the standard products for fixed and floating rate mortgages. RateCapper Mortgage is a variable RBC mortgage rate with a maximum "capped" interest rate for a term of five years. Mortgage at a fixed interest rate No matter whether you're purchasing your first home, relocating to a new home, or renovating an old mortgage, the choice of a fixed-rate mortgage means you don't have to be concerned about interest rates fluctuating during the life of your mortgage. An interest mortgage provides a specified interest payment that is either frozen or set for the duration of the mortgage.

When you arrange a new mortgage, your interest rates can be up to 120 calendar days before your home's due date. When interest rates rise during this period, you still get the lower interest rates - assured. RBC guarantees your mortgage interest for 30 workingdays before the date of your extension.

By choosing RBC's open, close and convertable fixed-rate mortgage, you can pick the concept that offers the degree of protection (and interest rate) that is right for you. The first time you start setting up your mortgage, you can pick from several different types of mortgage types, among which you can make your mortgage payable every month, bimonthly, bi-weekly, week ly, biweekly, expedited and week ly.

Thats the length of timeframe it takes to repay your mortgage off if the interest rates do not change. What is more, if the interest rates do not vary, you will not be able to repay your mortgage. Also, if you ever need to release money for another use, you can bypass a mortgage once every 12 months: In the following you will find the latest promotions1 for selected fixed-rate mortgages:

Private credit and private mortgage are provided by the Royal Bank of Canada and are based on normal credit covenants. Reduced fares are promotional offers and do not correspond to Royal Bank of Canada booked fares. Offers may be modified, cancelled or renewed at any moment without prior notification.

APR is calculated on the basis of a mortgage of $250,000 for each maturity, under the assumption of a handling charge of $250 (including the charge for assessing the value of the property). When there are no costs for debt capital costs, the interest for the year and the interest rates are the same.

In the case of a mortgage authorised on or before 28 February 2017, the funding must be brought forward within 120 workingdays of the date of request in order to receive the promotional fee. Our services may be modified, cancelled or expanded at any moment and without prior notification.

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