Real Estate Investment Loan Rates

Loan rates for real estate investments

Real estate loans held as financial investments are loans that are used for the acquisition or refinancing of investment properties. As a real estate investor, the type of mortgage you choose is a key factor in determining your risk and the cash flow your investment will generate. The interest rates are fixed with the property titled in the individual name of the borrower. Whilst the purchase of real estate in the past was a sound investment, it is not guaranteed. Southland Credit Union's Investment Property Loans offer you the opportunity to secure your investment and leverage your purchasing power.

Investment loan Texas

ZERO-ERROR-INVESTMENT LOAN! 10 percent less for investors with stated income. Texan investment credit can be used for leased objects (not owner-occupied loans) of 1-4 entities. As a rule, investment real estate mortgages are about half a point higher than a self-used or non-investible loan. With an investment loan, the borrowers can continue to earn one and a half more points and maintain the same low interest rates as owner-occupied real estate.

As a rule, investment credits are higher due to interest rates and risks. Qualified for an investment loan: Advance payment for investment credits in Texas: Please note: 25% gives you the best interest rates for an investment loan or non owner-occupied loan. Underwriters have specific demands on investment property. For investment credit please get in touch with our credit specialists!

Allow us to advise you and decide how high your overall payment for your investment loan will be. Click here to complete the quick request form and an investment loan specialist will get in touch with you to obtain information about your investment loan. Find the real value of investment real estate by checking the offer prices against similar real estate in the same area and talking the prices to estate brokers in the area.

Before making a decision, you should make sure you are comparing and evaluating the investment property you are interested in. Working with many different types of investor, we are able to provide tailor-made construction finance for every type of construction finance problem in Texas. Irrespective of your financial needs, we will adapt a loan that is suitable for you. Upload a credit application now!

This is not a call for funds in states for which we are not licenced.

Industrial real estate loans

Our range of real estate lending services includes a wide range of real estate categories specialising in investment real estate. All our credit facilities are designed to meet the needs of your customers and are flexible enough to mitigate or avoid subrogation. Our services also include first fixed -interest terms for qualified loan and step-down advance payment facilities without cancellation or return regulations.

Allianz is a non-profit cooperative bank, so we are able to provide very competetive prices and conditions for real estate credits. The earn-out rates and interest rates are fixed in advance and longer loan periods (up to 15 years) are available. No requirements apply to deposits beyond trust relations and reserve requirements for real estate credits.

We only arrange credit through mortgages agents. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding credit management.

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