Refinance Application

Fund application

If you are applying for a home refinancing loan or during part of the loan application process, you may be asked to provide the following information. Please use our helpful refinancing application checklist to find out what information you will need as you go through the refinancing process. Refinancing of the application checklist In order to request refinancing, you must disclose information about your earnings, your wealth and your debt, as well as any particular circumstance that may affect your repayment capacity. Please be ready to indicate some or all of the following points. Undersigned, duly filled declarations for the last two years, include your own private, partner and business declarations, if any, and all timetables.

Children's allowance or subsistence payments can be used if you have obtained it in the last 12 month and it will last at least three years until the end of the lending time. Meanwhile, subsistence payments, children's allowance or additional receipts need not be taken into account if they are not to be regarded as available earnings for repayment of the loans.

Person-related data

Here's a handy check list to give you an indication of what you might expect from us. Latest apartment information. If you are a homeowner, enter your home number, your home number, the actual value, the name of the person granting the loan, the bank number, the actual amount paid per month and the amount due. Your tenant, your adress, name and adress of your lessor, rental contract and your actual monthrental.

When you have been living at your present location for less than 2 years, please provide information about your former location. Your bank details, bank details, bank accounts number(s) and your balance(s). Extracts from working capital, such as personal retirement accounts (IRAs), certificates of deposit (CDs), equities and debt securities. In the case of single installations, a recent securities deposit certificate with the name of the stock, the amount per stock and the number of stock held.

Information about your belongings. Disclose the value of your individual belongings, for example, retirement savings for employees, furnishings, cars, precious collection, other precious possessions and endowment policies. The name and contact details of all vendors as well as the amount of the month's payments and the overall amount for all outstanding overdrafts. Information about the rented object. Bundessteuererklärung and a list of all properties you own as well as the bank details and home page of the bank if a home you own is not used.

Once the real estate has been leased, submit a copy of the rental agreement. The certificate indicates the name of the owner (s) of the real estate. Have a copy of your home contents policy to show that you have adequate coverage for your belongings.

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