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Get rid of equity & buy more rental properties now. Expand your portfolio with cheap rental loans & close quickly. We' re a private lump-sum mortgage lender.

Allow us to finance your residential property with a flat-rate mortgage loan.

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If your or your lender's bench or creditor is qualifying your individual debt-to-income ratios, you know that you need to leap through tires to get funding for your real estate investments. As A10 specialises in the finance of rental property, we take over your rental revenue and not your own individual return. SFR's long-term SFR loan is concentrated on your real estate and not on your own annual accounts.

Recourseless funding gives you the assurance that you have no contingencies for the clutch of your net assets. You will get better credit taking ability in the near term if you do not sign individual warranties. A10 is available for customers who need escrow or billing support to deal with real estate crisis scenarios.

Contrary to almost all lenders in the region, A10 believe it is important to stay with our clients throughout the term of the credit so that we can build a better credit relation. Your service will not be sold to the highest bidder and you will be forced to use third party services that you do not know, your property or your credit.

The combination of several rental real estate credits in a singular credit resource contributes to reducing insecurity and the stressful and management cost of administering multi-loan facilities with several lenders. Others such as Fannie and Freddie restrict borrowers' risk to 5-10 objects, and this number is constantly evolving.

The A10 has NO limitations on the number of assets you can fund with us, and we rationalise the internal processes from beginning to end. We focus our efforts solely on investor and their rental property. Throughout our credit processes we have focused on a quick and efficient quote-to-close approach, ensuring that each and every credit is closed within a time frame that meets your closure schedule.

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The Rental360 credit programme is ideal for professionals looking to expand their rental property portfolios. Rental360, with a full 30-year maturity, no bonus payment and a 5/1 ARM, 7/1 ARM or 30-year lump -sum option, allows professionals to accumulate assets over the long run by maintaining highly competitive interest levels and avoiding the risks of foreclosure or refinancing.

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