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("NRZ") remains a "strong buy" for investors with above-average risk appetite. Living in focus, opportunistic in nature. This is a mortgage REIT that focuses on investments in residential mortgage-related assets.

Recent investments in residential construction: So why not buy this 11.1% mortgage REIT with top shelf? - The New Investment Company for Residential Real Estate <: (NYSE:NRZ)

A new investment company for residential real estate NRZ will remain a "strong buy" for yield savers with above-average willingness to take risks. Mortgage REITs have a significant rise in interest rates in a bullish interest rates climate and are a powerful revenue stream in terms of dividends pay. Over the past three years, New Residential Investment Corp. has earned its dividends systematically with its key profits and sold equities for a reasonable key profit multiplier.

A New Residential Investment Corp. bringt Eine Investition 11. The New Residential Investment Corp. is a mortgage based REIT with an emerging investment vehicle offering a broad range of investment opportunities. Mortgage REITs invest primarily in mortgage service privileges, service provider advance payments, residential real estate, call privileges and residential and consumption credits. Service mortgages are the most important capital of New Residential Investment Corp.

1.2 billion, corresponding to 51 per cent of capital expenditure at the end of the second quarter of 2018. Mortgages service privileges are attractively priced mortgage securities that can be held during the actual interest hike cycles. The reason for this is that mortgage service laws, in short ISRs, are gaining in value as interest yields soar. With rising interest levels, advance payments for mortgages fall, which in turn prolongs the service lives of the flow of fees.

A new investment firm for residential property The carrying amount of New Residential Investment Corp. - an important indicator for mortgage property funds - has risen steadily over the past five years. In the past, the Group was able to borrow new equity at the carrying amount for an additional charge.

A new investment company for residential real estate The New Residential Investment Corp. has stunning dividends cover for an eleven per cent mortgage REIT. 1.5 billion euros of New Residential Investment Corp. Mortgage REITs have returned an averaging $0.59 per share to Tier One over the last twelve quarter, which is favorable compared to an averaging $0.48 per share in dividends. Adjusted profit distribution amounted to only 83 per cent on 31 December 2006 and gave the dividends a high level of security.

It is important to note that New Residential Investment Corp. is a high-yield revenue generating business that also increases dividends. For example, the mortgage REIT increased its dividends from $0.46 per share in Q4-2016 to $0.50 per share in Q2-2017. Disbursement has stayed constant at $0.50/share since then, but New Residential Investment Corp. could certainly afford to give a higher shareholder return.

A new investment company for residential real estate Dividends from New Residential Investment Corp. cost revenue investor ~7. Ongoing key profits eight times Q2-2018. The New Residential Investment Corp. stock is also valued with a small bonus on the carrying amount. US recessions and a corresponding fall in interest levels are probably the two major risks for those investing in New Residential Investment Corp. at this time.

Consequently, the REIT's dividends cover could worsen. At any rate, high yielding investments such as New Residential Investment Corp. require continuous monitoring of dividends cover rates in order to respond quickly to indications of worsening. The New Residential Investment Corp. is a strong mortgage RIT, which is why I have once again redoubled my investment in this high-yield revenue generating business.

Due to its high investment in mortgage servicing privileges, the Mortgages segment has a favorable interest rates exposure. In addition, New Residential Investment Corp. has outstanding equity cover for a mortgage-REIT with an eleven per cent return. The NRZ has also increased its dividends in the past, and the mortgage REIT could certainly afford to give a further increase to stockholders.

Purchase for incomes and growth of your assets. My main investments are in equities, but I also sometimes dare to go out and hedge exceptional circumstances that have an attractive risk-return ratio and high value enhancement over time. My immediate investment objective is above all to be financially independent.

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