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The second mortgage is a loan that can be seen as an alternative option to repaying mortgages. A number of mortgage advisors do not recommend subordinated mortgages. A second-charge mortgage (or secured loan) is secured against your existing property and allows you to use your equity to finance your business.


YOU CAN REPOSSESS YOUR HOME IF YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN THE REPAYMENT OF A MORTGAGE OR OTHER LOAN GUARANTEED ON IT. The loan is classified and valued, protected by home ownership and not available to persons under the age of 18. A higher price may be available according to your individual needs.

Prices and conditions are subject to changes without prior notification, so please contact Loans Warehouse before taking out a credit. Rescheduling in this case may result in you paying more interest on your entire mortgage. When your mortgage has a prepayment penalty. When you find it difficult to get authorized for a face-to-face mortgage or any other type of unsecured debt.

Re-mortgaging to get a flat -rate amount means closing a new mortgage for the value of your present mortgage as well as the additional amount of money you want to lend. So instead of having a mortgage and a credit, you just get a larger mortgage. They use the capital you have in your home as collateral and basically sit on your mortgage already in place.

Whilst this means that you will have two mortgage on your home, your first mortgage will always take priority. You may, however, be billed a higher interest than if you had a better financial standing.

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An inexpensive way to obtain financing. Second-charge mortgage (or collateralized loan) is secure against your current ownership and allows you to use your own funds for financing. Various creditors have different credit ratings, but second mortgage can be a cost-effective way to obtain funds for a wide range of different uses, e.g. fiscal accounts, DIY, education, corporate investments, consolidating debts, buying luxuries.

For raising money from your legacy assets; To get a competitively priced interest on your first mortgage; To prevent high interest rates on a recent mortgage; When your loan history has shifted; When money is needed quickly; Maybe a repayment or other advanced payment has been refused; When you are stranded in managing your debts.

Only some of our actual prices are listed above. Uncertain what type of purchase to make a mortgage for which you are looking? More than ever, providing expert mortgage advisory services is essential.

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