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We are pleased to provide up to $5,000 in support for qualified first-time Texas and Colorado low to middle-earners. Here is a fast and simple way to check your credit or make a payment. This can be a tiring period and we know that you may not have simple means of accessing your documentation and notes.

In our damage package, please refer to which documents we need to confirm an insured cheque.

Mortgage for CU members

CU Members Mortgage Home Loan Centre for a simple pre-qualification, individual interest rate and professional guidance to help you through the mortgage financing proces. The choice of your cooperative is the first stage to an accessible home loans. No matter if you buy a house or refinance your recent mortgage, the application is as simple as 1-2-3.

CU members' mortgage officers will be happy to help you. It is our aim to offer the highest possible degree of services at competitively priced prices. If you need help, our credit representatives are just a call away. 800-607-3474, 3A. When you are looking for the home that is right for you, first get yourself approval for the loans that are right for you.

Check with your loan officer to see if USDA funding is available in your area.

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