Small Investment Property Loans

Minor investment financing for real estate

Real estate loans held as financial investments for investors who are difficult to qualify. Lots of individuals and small businesses invest in profitable real estate and finance their investments with loans. On today's market, interest rates on bank deposits are very low and many investors buy investment properties with the help of loans to optimize their purchases.

Financial income that leads to properties

Our specialty is investment property loans of $5 million or less. Titans look at each individual case and often find ways to authorize credit that other bankers do not. The Titan Group provides financing for investment property loans in all 50 states and has credit specialists throughout the country. A lot of our customers are in the 1031 stock exchange to investment property business and we are proud of our capability to fulfill their time constraints.

We have generated more than $2 billion in small, balanced corporate loans between Titan and our subsidiaries. Our extensive expertise in credit business enables us to handle loans much faster than our peers. And once you have a property under lease, Titan can quickly complete and conclude your mortgage as soon as third-party reporting becomes available.

titanium investment property loans function: "was in desperate need of extra room. "to find a financial institution to repay our debts. {\pos (192,210)}I highly commend them to other small businesses owners." Titan's staff was very receptive to our enquiry, especially in the brief period of working.

Real estate loans held as a financial investment without cash Down Rehabs, Multi-Family

You are either making your first investment in property, or you have yourself a company involved in the renovation of property, the letting of housing and industrial property, or you own industrial property that you are prepared to use for more economic development and further development. No matter what you need, we know that property can be an interesting proposition for businesses and businessmen like you, and we look forward to assisting you in securing the funding you need for your next investment!

Now you can research to make some savings and not work with a barrel of real estate agents and sellers. Do not want to tell your singular loan situation to every creditor under the sun, let him draw your loan, run it, run the numbers, buy it out to more creditors under the sun and all the time as the clock ticks and your firm does not move forward.

We work with so many retail depositors and domestic lending institutions, however, that it is impossible for us to make a real-time listing of all our investment loans information available on our website, and we recommend that you call our lending lawyers to let us know of your particular circumstances so that we can make a decision quickly without a full request and full lending review.

Just review your investment property lending style, your disbursement or purchasing needs and any other one-of-a-kind variable that makes your loans into something extra, against the subscription policies we are now working with, and tell you if it makes sound business of applying for the credit.

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