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Southern California Mortgage prides itself on its great customer service. South Californian Mortgage Hello and welcome to the Southern California Mortgage. It is a good period to buy or re-finance, so let us guide you through the entire lifecycle. Please use the contact sheet within the above mentioned flag and you will receive an immediate offer, inclusive of the acquisition cost. Southern California Mortgage prides itself on its great levels of client support.

Throughout the entire mortgage procedure, we accompany you and make sure that your transaction is completed on time. Michael was very useful and guided me through the whole procedure. So I have the highest recommendation for SoCal Mortgage, and would highly commend it to my friend and relatives. Thank you Michael!!! Michael and I had a great time at Southern California Mortgage and had a great time.

I' ve been hearing terrible tales from other businesses where real estate agents aren't able to reach them, but Michael has quickly answered every query I've had - and I've had many. Also, the hard copy was uncomplicated and clear, and the on-line editing accelerated things so much quicker than my last post-editing ten years ago.

I would definitely refer the Southern California Mortgage and do my own deals with them again. Talking to our historical mortgage realtor and while he was offering a respectable rate, its charges were about to be ~$4000. So I called him and he gave us our choices and clearly specified the tariffs and charges (and he had lower tariffs and no charges).

But after we had begun the trial, we realized that the name of our real estate was very "challenged". Through a lot of painstaking work (which he said he enjoyed!) Mike was able to get the track and the rating into an agreeable state. And we also got a great price and no charges (just like Mike promised).

I can' tell anyone about him. We' ve put together some useful information and mortgage calculators to help you find answers to your queries.

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