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Mortgage Brokers Specialist, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mortgage Brokerage Specialist is a Dubai based Mortgage Brokerage Company whose goal is to provide a service to its clients. Rumours have been spreading about the introduction of so-called "Robo Advisors" in the British mortgage broker community in recent years or so. Mortgage credit specialist based in Paris. Our mortgage solutions are of high quality for expats, foreigners and international buyers.

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Prices and programmes vary daily. A free home mortgage consulting service with a licenced mortgage specialist is available to review your data and develop a personalised mortgage planning that best suits your needs. Our public programmes give you more freedom to achieve your objectives. Fannie Mae has recognised us on a national level and we have received her most renowned accolade, The Platinum Awardwinning.

Listening to your wishes and needs to achieve your objectives. When you want to buy your first home, move, fund or fund a real estate investment, a mortgage agent can help:

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Do you know that six of the 10 largest US mortgage companies are not today bankers? Great big name like Citigroup Inc or Bank of America are shadowed by "little guys" like Freedom Mortgage. Though Freedom is by far not as big as the above mentioned bank, it has more mortgage than.....

Senate is under debate to extend mortgages to self dependent borrower and other creditworthy persons who do not work under the standard 9-5 work plan. It will allow these particular borrower to supply supplementary documentation instead of just counting on a W-2 to be authorised. At Mortgage Specialists, we enjoy the education aspects of our work.

It is our pleasure to inform customers, especially first-time purchasers, about all the peculiarities of the mortgage procedure.


Rumours have been spreading about the launch of what are known as "Robo Advisors" in the British mortgage broking industry in recent years or so. While the use of robot advisors is a fairly new approach to the mortgage business, the practices in the broader realm of asset and finance budgeting are already well entrenched - to the point that RBS is currently considering replacing over 200 advisors with fully automatic on-line and phone advisory services, with personal advisory only available to investors over £250,000.

As some companies begin to research how the same approaches could be used for mortgage advisory, it is clear for brokers to have concern about how this might impact the futures of their business. However, how likely is it that computerized mortgage advisors will ever fully substitute specialized mortgage brokers with their expertise in aligning client needs to the right borrower and the right mortgage?

Uncomplicated mortgage seekers may well have their place in our team. There are already existing computer programs to help reduce the hundreds of millions of mortgages available on the mortgage markets to a small amount of money that can be calculated according to various factors such as the mortgage category (first-time buyers, do-it-yourselfers, redemption, etc.), the amount of the credit, the preferential nature of the mortgage (fixed interest, trackers, capped, etc.), and so on.

With this in mind, a robot consultant works easily at a single layer above the filter features and computers found on any mortgage benchmarking website. For many mortgage clients with simple needs, this may well be a satisfactory advisory standard. It is unlikely that in less simple cases - and due to the changes in finances and economics in recent years, brokers are seeing more and more instances of this - an automatic advisory process will be able to meet the customer's needs.

Mortgage on a non-standardised building? In fact, mortgage brokers accumulate a lot of expertise and expertise about mortgage providers and their credit policy, the degree of agility (or otherwise) in their underlying business rules, and other issues. To some extent, it is less important to assist clients in choosing the best mortgage products than to adapt the client's specific needs to the right borrower.

In particular, this applies to the ever-increasing proportion of prospective clients who are regarded by mainlystream creditors as "mortgage abusers". Robo advisors may have their place - not least because of the low costs of the system after the early stage invest - and it is likely that many mortgage brokers will take this line in the coming years to negotiate with at least some of their clients.

It seems unlikely, however, that an automatic algorithms could start by bringing the expertise and judgment of a HR consultant into the equation; I think there will always be a place for mortgage brokers to give the sound, subtle guidance that you can't get from a computer program. Ultimately, it may be the customer's readiness to rely on a mindless, fully automatic business and to advise them on one of the most important business choices of their life.

The reactions to the use of robot consultants in the area of finance consulting provide some hints here. True Potential Investor's 2016 poll showed that 65% of clients would only rely on a £1,000 worth ROBA consultant before choosing to hire a specialist consultant. Thus, while regulatory authorities and some industry participants may press hard for robotic advisors in the mortgage advisory business in the years to come, clients may well shy away from this development.

He is a mortgage specialist and experienced comments writer on finance. Mr. Mortgage has worked in the mortgage business for 20 years, has managed his own mortgage agency for 15 years and is a Director of Just Mortgage Brokers (www.justmortgagebrokers.co.uk/).

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