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sub-prime loans

Subprime lenders, however, have been accused of predatory pricing, which is the practice of granting loans at inappropriate interest rates to borrowers and putting them into debt or increasing their likelihood of default. A description of the subprime loans, a practice of lending to borrowers with "low" credit ratings, or which are otherwise considered less likely to repay the loan. Hypothecary loans are usually classified as either prime or subprime, depending on their credit risk - the risk that a borrower defaults with the loan.

subprime_risk">Definition des Subprime-Risikos[edit]

Subprime means the creditworthiness of certain borrower who have diminished their creditworthiness and have a greater exposure to loss than first-class borrower. 6 ] When humans become commercially engaged, logs are kept of their borrowings, income and lending record. Creditworthiness is the name given to this; although it is subject to data protection legislation, the information is easily accessible to those with a need for knowledge (in some jurisdictions, lending requests explicitly allow the creditor to gain control of such records).

The subprime borrower has a rating that could include: excess indebtedness (the known level of personal or familial earnings is unlikely to be sufficient to cover the cost of life + interest + repayment), a record of delayed or sometimes lost payment so that the term of the facility had to be prolonged, any judgment such as order to pay payment or insolvency (sometimes known in the UK as counsel courts or CCJs).

In Canada, the subprime markets have not been as successful as in the US[16][17] where the overwhelming bulk of third party loans were wrapped and subsequently resold to an investor who often did not fully appreciate the risks involved. In order to prevent high early-mortgaging payments, many subprime borrower took out floating-rate loans (or ARMs) that gave them a lower starting interest rat.

A $500,000 credit at a 4% interest for 30 years is equivalent to a monthly payout of approximately $2,400. However, the same 10% loans for 27 years (after the expiration of the settable term) corresponds to a disbursement of $ 4,220. An interest rise of 6 percentage points (from 4% to 10%) led to an interest rise of just over 75%.

18 ] This is all the clearer when the life-cycle costs of the credit are taken into account (although most individuals want to regularly re-finance their loans). On the other hand, the higher interest of 10% would cause a life cycle costs of $ 1,367,280. Skip up ^ The report on the investigation of the financial crisis (PDF).

The National Commission on the Causes of the Causes of the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States. Hop du printemps ^ Lo, Andrew W. "Reading About the Financial Crisis : Subprime relates to the loan perceived by various agencies such as FICO, Equifax and Experian to determine the loan perceived by the mortgagor.

Premier borrower class borrower are designated as the " premier ", therefore the concept of " premier rates " relates to the interest rates for lending to such persons with low exposure to counterparty risks. Accordingly, subprime borrower have lower ratings and a higher probability of failure than first class borrower. This group has traditionally been identified as a borrower with FICO ratings below 600, although this has differed over a period of times and given conditions, making it more difficult to establish what subprime really means.

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