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Suntrust in 2009 and it was approved." In the meantime, I got word from Suntrust that they had initiated a forced sale against ME for non-payment of a credit they had not made! Mortgage Inc. has conducted its businesses in a rather daunting, menacing and disturbing way.

They have sent a man with "Evan **" on a number of trips to take photos of the land and apartment where we have a mortgage. The first time we met the guy and asked him for his references, he didn't even know who sent him and scroll through his telephone to find out it was Suntrust Mortgage.

Most worryingly, Suntrust's practice continues even though we have been sent a note that the mortgage is now owned by a completely different group. I' ve been in an eternal hell for two month since I made the error of voting Suntrust. However, the creator didn't take the trouble to talk to me about what kind of loans I needed, how much down money I brought with me, or what kind of detail was usual for the pre-approval.

They gave me loans to be signed with numbers that did not mirror everything I had requested or even what was in the house number. On one occasion, when I got a call, someone ended up saying to me that he was going to forward it to his superiors. Having waited for a call for contacts after the review, I was sent a faint note saying that they had cancelled the credit and I can ask why.

I' m in original fiscal stance to buy and I' ve been retarded months because I' ve been awaiting any kind of information about what part of my lawsuit the loan is bogged down on. Hopefully no one else will have to see this. I' ve got a mortgage on Suntrust for about 12 years.

Paying your tax belatedly and struggling with Suntrust to stop trying to set up an trust fund. Sold the place and will never do anything with Suntrust again. I' ve had 2 mortgage with Suntrust and UP UNTIL NOW, have been very pleased. Followed the necessary procedures to have this verified, and got a FEMA card change notice indicating our low hazard area.

In March, I first approached Suntrust with this information and was reminded that we are no longer obliged to implement the floods management programme. As Suntrust explained, the processing would take about 60 workingdays, and then we received a mail that could be sent to our insurer to arrange a reimbursement.

3 month have passed and there was no follow-up from Suntrust. Calling customer service in the hope that someone would take good care of my happiness, I was immediately redirected to the security office who gave me the same answer. {\pos (192,210)}How do I know I can rely on these ratings about Suntrust?

It is the poorest mortgage bank, please spare yourself the hassle and find another one. I' ve been trying to re-finance my house with them for about 3 month, they kept going back and forth, needing documents and needing more information. In a 3 month fast-track I had talked to about 30 guys who explained my situations to each of them and they kept handing me over to other guys.

Jerdon ** was the name of my last credit counselor, who was the worse, and my case lawyer ** was Jerdon and his intern, who knew nothing about my case, was his name. About 5:30 it was getting quite a bit late, so I tried to contact my credit advisor to see if he had altered the date or hour.

That was 10 min before my graduation that he chose to let me know that I couldn't do the mortgage with them after spending almost 3 month walking back and forth with signature documents and getting more information and speaking with various people. Thus generally they squandered my and my speaking case for 3 case period and medium of exchange for 2 calculation (because the point was not properly finished) and also medium of exchange I had compensable to my past investor for 2 case period of security interest and interest in transformation, so we could do the end.

I' ve been trying to reach my credit clerk and his executive since that date, because for every passing business, my old creditor will be charging me almost $400 interest because we didn't close it on schedule. Jerdon, my beautiful credit counselor, has just let me get beached, essentially having more cash and not having to solve anything and won't even reply to me.

Also, I spoke to another guy called Sabrina ** who said she would take good things for me and wouldn't be answering my phone now either, or if she picks up and hung up, so I'm very frustrated with the Suntrust mortgage and wouldn't even suggest it.

I' ve had nothing but good experiences with the Suntrust mortgage. Initially I approached Suntrust Mortgage Home Preservation Department in November 2017 to state that my 92-year-old dad was now in a foster home and would no longer live in his home and that I wanted to speak to someone about choices as a proxy.

Whenever you call or receive a call from them, it is a different individual that you need to tell each and every with. Having obtained the TOO, I was informed that they would not give any support other than a deed in Lieu or that they would go into execution.

Every Talk I had with a different individual, what I normally had to do for an upgrade, or they phoned me, I eventually got a borrower request package in the email, which I completed in full and sent back in their fedEx envelop. My customer representative #2 calls me saying that they now have a full package that includes the point of sale (POA) and that the insurance company will check the coverage and write me a note with their final choice.

And then I got a note saying that the deed had been accepted in Lieu as long as I had followed the note and the building was empty and secured by April 18, 2018, and that I could disconnect the supply lines on April 22, 2018. Had to return the conditions receipt log, too.

Explaining to her that it was being sent twice and that it was part of the full package that my former account manager had phoned and informed me was being sent. It was the first I' ve ever listened to since November 2017. 100 to keep a log of it if no other federal authority or another banking institution has requested it.

Checking the state of the machine means that several papers are out and I get a note with directions, it's almost 4 months since they said that and nothing. I' ve phoned on 14 and 15 May many times to speak to someone, and I' m put on ice verbatim 40 - 45 mins or longer if I were to wait.

Can''t believe how that was managed, I tried to speed up the trial and do the right thing for my dad and Suntrust. So Suntrust loses cash. They could end this trial and put it on the open markets, they could be selling it now and not loosing any cash.

Tried to get a Suntrust company telephone number to speak to someone about how the housekeeping department does things. It' s a disgrace, because my dad, who is a triple veterinarian and 94 years old, had never, I think, ever failed a paycheck on them.

For over 7 month I tried to buy this property, but it just wasn't the right one. I' d never refer Suntrust to anyone, ever. When someone from Suntrust has contacted me, I would like to know the name, date and hour of each individual I have spoken to. Except when you are enjoying discomfort and stress experience, do not undertake any activities with Suntrust Mortgage.

I got a call the morning before I closed from someone in a call centre to say that my mortgage was rejected! Can' t put into words the strange things I have experienced with the credit managers. For years my parents had their mortgage with SUNTRUST. The first time I experienced SUNTRUST (nightmare) was not well.

Then I found out that people were giving 6.5% interest and at the end of the day interest was down to 2.5-2.9%. Trying to work SUNTRUST with us to adjust their interest that would have spared the mother about $200-300 a months..... Having read the various reviewers, I found that I was not the only one who had difficulties handling SUNTRUST, and my grievance is the same: I did not get the papers, or (something I do not comprehend is a business whose internal communications networks do not communicate) stationery in one bureau is not shared with another institution within SUNTRUST.

Two years later I funded their mortgage to 2.9%...but...not without paying myself an additional $50 in certificated mailshots to prove that they received the deeds. In December I received a notification of a failed settlement and in January 2018 I gave back the declined check and it was redeemed... uuummm!!!!!!!

Mama died in September 2017 and we relive all this confusion in SUNTRUST. I' m grateful that father and mother had their things in order, I just wish SUNTRUST had their things in order.... no happy one! We' re so angry about this new mortgage bank we were compelled to switch to.

All our invoices are paid at the same or about the same amount of money each and every calendar year. We have been billed a number of delay charges by SunTrust if our banks send our invoices by post well in advance of the due date (no e-payments at our banks and ST). It was only this last Monday that our banks sent the cheque on 3 April.

For all other invoices settled by the banks, it takes an average of 2-4 workingdays to arrive throughout the state. And when I phoned ST, I couldn't get any further. Managers said it was the PO or our banks that caused the delays. I was only informed when I received a call from Union Banking asking where my money was.

I' ve got evidence that I made it to Suntrust, but they haven't passed it on to a new one. So I have the means to make another disbursement to the Union Banking, and I have done so, but what about the poor people? suntrust purchased my mortgage so i only have experiance with P&I payouts and disbursement of the loans - i can't check their Underwriter, etc.

Frankly, I was paying down my loans for the last year and sent them large installments with a few monthly over $10k. This is a straight transfer from my current bank to you. In the last few weeks, they refused my money and didn't send me a message. Because I didn't see my bankroll going to zero, I phoned her and asked.

Mir was said that they had my last payout, I complimented them on the payout, and it should take a days or two for them to be published. Had I instead (as usual) payed everyone but $1 and then (as usual) payed a $1 closing fee, everything would have been okay and I wouldn't have had to buy a line.

The easy way of preventing individuals from repaying their loans, making it hard not to inform me of the refusal of my payments, having staff who do not know the rules and then giving me poor information that my payments have been made is a real one. Their " safety issues " also consisted entirely of things that I could not solve or whose answers could vary over the years.

{\pos (192,210)}What it says to me is that they don't really bother about true safety or authenticity. There is a set interest for me with this firm, for the last few years they have increased my payments per month. I' ve been calling. You said it was the policy, I phoned the insurer, they said my policy had risen slightly, but not enough to make a big deal, they altered a few things that made my annual policy fall from less than $200.

Suntrust I recalled, let her know about the amendment to lower my monthly payout, instead of lower my payout, they raised it, WOW. Additional funds were transferred to my bank in order to lower the amount, the additional funds never went to my client. They take my fiduciary funds, which are used to pay my homeowner assurance and tax, which my fiduciary bank accounts in the negative.

It' been going on for a while, I have been calling and calling and calling to fix it, it's nothing but a fight with them, they make me so furious and furious that I can't call them anymore. My deposit is brief again today and they say that my mortgage will rise again in January 2018.

Since Suntrust took over my mortgage, it's nothing but a bad dream. Are there any good lawyers out there who can help and stop Suntrust from blackmailing guys like me? Acquisition costs for funding as well as a down pay and filing fees were necessary.

And in May, we signed a deal for a Suntrust Mortgage-funded home. It had an authorized asking of $675k, and we quoted $649k, which was a very sensible bid considering comparative values. However, the quick sell process said that it usually took 2-3 moths for a permit to be granted, so we got virtually sheltered for a whole moto as we were selling our home on July 25 and expected our quick sell home to close on August 25.

During these 3 moths, Suntrust was lacking in replying to phone and message requests that were remaining, and in providing information about the sell-through or sell-through processes. Rather, I believe that our treaty lay on someone's desktop for 3 whole moths without being touched. This is because around 30 August we got a note saying that we were allocated an empty agent on the name of the townhouse which we had been selling the previous day and no longer had.

Suntrust acknowledged after a long dig that since our prior Suntrust mortgage loans, mortgage workers had accidentally sent the application for a quick sell into a database for us and not for the vendor. This should have been our signal, since the lack of competence at the banks was such that it confused the sellers and buyers in the sales cycle.

For 5 month only for them to inform us that they will only accept a selling rate of at least 720,000 Euros. Next, why did the bench have the means to register it at the cost of 675k 4 month before. There' no possibility, the home estimated over 4 month ago, if fittings have been taken off, maintanance has not been done, and house prices have fallen, estimated around 4k.

I' m horrified at how Suntrust is not professional or sensitive. They' put my 5 th Family by quite the torture the last 4. 5 month when they could have slightly dismissed the award from the start and my 5 th family recorded a lot of a headache. That was a shame Suntrust Mortgage.

I' ve been with SunTrust Mortgage for quite a few years and I'm one of those home-owners who was offered a change by them to get lower repayments and a lower rates. So I requested a HAMP change and they dropped the papers several of the time, telling me to keep resending overnight papers in e-mails, facsimiles and e-mails.

The Sun Trust Mortgage Company made my Escrow-Expound bankroll empty entirely & then increased my mortgage so much that I couldn't pay for it anymore & had to resell my home and buy a lower priced one! Selling my mortgage to Sun Trust I explained to my new lending agent that I would be suing them.

The credit officer and I worked untiringly for over five month to please the writer. Eventually, after 5 extra sessions, I got my congratulatory note and the deadline. I got a call two and a half nights before I closed, saying that the insurer rejected the credit. The Suntrust has horrible writers who make you leap through every tire and every barrier just to disown you after wasting all your credit processing effort and moneys.

Don't use Suntrust unless you have a lot of spare hands and a lot of cash to spend. When the Suntrust mortgage loan is paid out, the default answer to the repayment on the contracted escrow accounted "Standard Procedure is 15 workdays. There'?s no apology for anything but borrowing Suntrust?s interest-free cash.

Dealing with Suntrust Mortgage was a 14-year-old error. I' ve never failed to make a settlement in a 15-year old romance. I' ve had a 835 approval quality, person had the mark for 10 gathering, person had with SunTrust all the case finance and they had an unskilled person decrease my person by $200k with the ending of a pin and anticipation I fitting faculty filming it?

We have a mortgage that will pay for the renovation at the beginning of next year..... It'?s up to you to look for a bench that knows how to relate. The SunTrust is NOT the case. It'?s not like I? secure for this business to be managing my most important asset. Allstate and my insurer line that only checks to see if they were overpayed, but why?

However, I was not allowed to surrender because I am so often referred to as "late". "I' ve been calling several times during your so-called office hour and you can't answer the call - a tape. Get the two of them and even make an additional contribution. This is all because they don't know how to make a settlement, but then they all get involved, adding fees for delayed payments and reporting it as soon as possible.

I' m going to try to fund with another mortgage bank, BUT.... somehow difficult to do when they have depressed my loan. Baddest ever experiance - Suntrust Mortgage Charlotte NC - Lasted weeks and fifteen to complete her infinite formalities just to be rejected. I then got an e-mail from my first point of support saying that I should NOT have been rejected and that the underwriter manger would edit my files and go through them first.

To her amazement, I showed her the e-mail from Suntrust where she said something else, then another executive called and said it didn't really care what it said. Already I have a mortgage at Suntrust with a member of my Suntrust familiy and we have never been too late in nine years. I' m sure they just didn't want to give up my higher interest rates current mortgage and did anything possible to hold me back and refuse.

I' ve never gone through anything like this with a firm before and have purchased and resold a large number of properties. Lots of words from me and the executive followed - I will NEVER use this firm and hopefully the whole wide community will know that they are lying and thug. It'?s a very bad honest firm.

Keep away from this firm! Immediately after I had paid my mortgage for 10 years, the mortgage was about to adapt and duplicate the pay. On several occasions I phoned Suntrust Mortgage to try to solve the problem until the home could be bought to pay the mortgage. to a top 500 because of the Suntrust mortgage.

Altogether, I would say that they are the last mortgage bank that you should go to if you are looking for a mortgage. Recently, I talked to Suntrust about funding. Once I had disclosed the comparison ratios, I was told by the credit intermediary that I should just stay with my present credit, an interest only variable interest one.

Credit broker didn't offer to re-finance or bargain an interest fee, just spend a lot of fun, warn me and mock me because I wanted to buy the bill and get a 15-year-old steady (duhh). Talk about Suntrust and how keen they are on selling clients. That'?s my second refinancing with Suntrust.

It was just a terrible period of work. However, I have registered for a bi-weekly automatic payout as only half a payout is made while my bank is always overdue. Every three or four days, I get 3 or 4 telephone conversations and have also got two e-mails saying that my bank is overdue.

Consequently, my rating rose from 813 to 726 in just 2 month. The Suntrust says there's no problem. That'?s the lowest bench I ever dealt with. As soon as I have found a good option, I will withdraw all my funds from this institution. After years of working in the property industry and hearing the nightmare tales of mortgage sales and transfers and those in foreclosures a short time later, I made and kept careful records of the transaction proceedings.

Had to send a cheque for the December paycheck. There was another note from me saying that my ACH would begin with a payout of ** in February.

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