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House owners can save money by converting their current mortgage loan into a pure interest rate mortgage. Typical mortgage loans consist of principal and interest payments. A pure interest loan, however, often has a lower disbursement because initially no contributions are made to the principal balance. It is usually quite easy to convert your existing mortgage from a pure interest rate mortgage to a repayment basis with your current lender, although the exact process can vary from one lender to another. Is it possible to switch between repayment and interest mortgages?

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House owners can conserve cash by converting their mortgage loans into pure interest rate loans. Typically, a mortgage credit is made up of principal and interest repayments. A pure interest rate loans, however, often has a lower disbursement, since at first no contribution to the main account is made. Most pure interest rate mortgage loans have variable interest rate changes over the life of the loans, according to the Federal Reserve website.

Funding your present mortgage can enable you to obtain a pure interest mortgage. Converting your existing mortgage by registering for an interest-only mortgage only. Choose the creditor who will offer installments, charges and conditions that are reasonable for you. They should fill in an mortgage credit request provided by the creditor as well as the information provided by the Federation and the Länder.

We' re gonna switch to a pure interest rate mortgage, but our creditor won't let us have it. Cash.

As we work diligently to grow our revenue, in the near future we may have a difficulty keeping up our steady mortgage repayments, which are around 1,200 per cent per annum on a 159,000 pound unsecured mortgage. Recently, in order to cut our mortgage payments per months and thus stay financial viable, we requested that our mortgage repayments be changed so that it only bears interest over time.

Our intention is to repay the whole mortgage with the income from the sales of a mortgage-free real estate which I left to my deceased ancestor. Our creditor, however, declined to let us switch to a pure interest rate mortgage by saying that we "no longer fulfil the affordable criteria" and cited the recent changes in federal credit policy.

They do not ignore the issue and have let your creditor know that "you are having trouble to pay your mortgage or think that in the near term you may have trouble doing so," just as he recommends. One thing you haven't done is default on refunds, which seems to be the way to get something from your creditor.

Establish mortgage backlogs and your creditor will claim to contact you "to try to agree a new schedule of settlement with you, taking into consideration both your interests and our responsibility as lenders" and/or "to modify the way you make your payments" and/or "to see if he can allow you to repay your mortgage over a longer term in order to cut your periodic payments".

I certainly don't suggest that you should drop back with your mortgage payments - not least because this will have various burdens and will affect your loan history - but given that there are clearly available choices available when you face difficulties financially, it should be worthwhile to go back to your creditor to find out what alternative there is to just switch to interest.

You can, for example, lower your montly mortgage requirements by increasing the mortgage time. When you have an off-set or trackers mortgage (but no mortgage at a set rate), you may be able to take a few month's pay vacation, although in this case you need to realize that the amount of your outstanding "vacation" will be added to the mortgage amount and interest will be calculated.

Also, if you have not yet done so, it may be wise to make it clear that you have the means to repay a pure interest mortgage, as this is a crucial topic that creditors must take into account under the new credit rules when they offer a pure interest mortgage.

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