Things you need for a Mortgage Application

What you need to apply for a mortgage

Checklist for applying for a home loan - Elements required for applying for a loan. Purchase and sale of a house Please note that we make these hyperlinks to third-party web sites available to you. The purchase of a house or the re-financing of a real estate requires many stages. To keep an eye on the detail, use our mortgage check lists. Keeping an eye on the information you may be asked for when applying for a home loans.

Trace and execute jobs for smooth operations. Keep up to date with the information you should have at your fingertips when applying for a home loans to buy a new home. Keep an eye on your move as you prepare for the move. Keeping an eye on the necessary precautions to make a larger buy with the capital in your home to finance.

Follow the information and documentation you may be asked for when you request funding.

Applications checklist - What to look for when applying for a mortgage

You need to collect a lot of information before you apply for a home loans. Here's a handy check list to give you an indication of what you might expect from us. Copy of the judgement of separation or the contract of inheritance, together with any changes and a 12-month course of paying inheritance and/or children's benefit, as well as documentation if the benefits are required to check your earnings and qualifying for the mortgage.

Latest apartment information. If you are a homeowner, enter your home number, your home number, the mortgage provider, the mortgage number, the mortgage amount, the mortgage amount and the mortgage amount. Your tenant, your adress, name and adress of your lessor, rental contract and your actual monthrental. When you have been living at your present location for less than 2 years, please provide information about your former location.

Your bank details, bank details, bank accounts number(s) and your balance(s). Extracts from working capital, such as personal retirement accounts (IRAs), certificates of deposit (CDs), equities and debt securities. In the case of single installations, a recent securities deposit certificate with the name of the stock, the amount per stock and the number of stock held.

Information about your belongings. Disclose the value of your individual belongings, for example, retirement savings for employees, furnishings, cars, precious collection, other precious possessions and endowment policies. The name and contact details of all vendors as well as the amount of the month's payments and the overall amount for all outstanding overdrafts. Information about the rented object. Bundessteuererklärung and a list of all properties you own as well as the bank details and mortgage bank details if a home you own is not used.

Once the real estate has been leased, submit a copy of the rental agreement. The certificate indicates the name of the owner (s) of the real estate. Have a copy of your home contents policy to show that you have adequate coverage for your belongings.

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