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The consumer, for example, receives a mortgage when interest rates are lowest and then interest rates rise. The interest rate represents the interest rate calculated for the loan. You' re dreaming - big, small, still in the background - of your brain. We' re doing a bunch of good things here at American First. However, we are particularly proud of one thing: our credits to members of parliament who want to buy a house or finance theirs.

Our knowledge of how to provide prices and programmes that give you quickly and professional what you want.

In order to help you achieve your aim of having a house, we have provided you with the following computer. The rate displayed is for illustrative use only. Interest rate is calculated on the basis of the loan duration, the loan category and the loan characteristics. Please click here for our latest prices. Do you need help with your mortgage loan?

APR = Annual percentage and supplementary requirements are applicable. Interest rate, points, programmes, policies and condition ality are changeable without prior notification on the basis of prevailing interest rate, borrowing facility and suitability for real estate. Lending programmes that are available for home buying, mortgages refinancing or home ownership lending. Complete request with all documentation, loan check and real estate valuation is necessary to obtain an offer and resale price maintenance.

Rates and commissions calculated on Loan to Value (LTV), down pay, commissions and personal loan. The American First Crédit Union provides fixed interest rate and a 0.25% interest deduction for automated repayments. The annual percentage rate of charge depends on your ultimate loan amount and the cost of financing. In the case of floating rate mortgages (APRs), the interest rate and payout may rise if the index changes in line with prevailing conditions.

The interest rate shown is based on incremental interest or point rate additions depending on the borrower's loan application, creditworthiness, disbursement and loan value. Items are charges that are prepaid to the creditor in return for a lower interest rate on a home loan. A point corresponds to one per cent of the loan amount.

An estimate of good faith indicates your commitment term, your loan offering and your cost on the basis of the information you have provided. Supplementary information is available for each loan category. Interest and loan programmes are approved by lending and real estate companies and may vary at any given moment due to prevailing interest rate markets and the borrower's authority.

The American First Credit Union is an equivalent mortgage. Our actions are in compliance with the Federal Fair House Law and the Equity Credit Opportunity Act. $5 single personal dues can be applied for to become a member of the American First Credit Union. Every member of the familiy is entitled to open their own member bankroll.

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