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National mortgage bank serving Houston, Spring, The Woodlands and surrounding areas. Locate the best mortgage companies in your area. We' re working hard to simplify the mortgage loan process in Minnesota and offer the best options for refinancing mortgages and new lending rates in the region. Allow us to guide you through the credit process and find out which credit option is right for you.

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State Mortgage Company - Texas Home Team

Micah, who supervises day-to-day operation, takes care of their customers' needs by guiding them through the construction financing lifecycle from beginning to end. Your familiarity with the sector and your commitment to supporting family in achieving their housing loan objectives are key to their continued prosperity. Chris was born in Victoria, Texas, and received his BBA from Texas State University before relocating to Dallas in 2004 to begin his mortgages business careers.

He is a godfather with a dedication to God, his lovely wife as well as two little ones. In his spare time Chris enjoys every minute with his wifes and little ones. Irrespective of whether he trains his son's small division squad, encourages his daughters to take gym lessons or visits the village churches, he aims to be the best man and dad he can be.

Chris likes to travel by car to the hills in winters for skiing adventure. In order to provide the most effective and complete services, Chris' people have been meticulously chosen to create a close-knit, collaborative group that can assist you with every facet of your home buying or refinancing.


Minnesota is a full-service mortgages financier, serving you from beginning to end and beyond. We' re working flat out to make the loan processing easier in Minnesota and provide the best refinancing option for mortgages and new lending interest in the region. Find out more about your mortgages credit option. Are you in love with your present home?

Let us help you make the most of your mortgages. Follow your mortgages. Developed to offer an exceptional customer service environment. Our company is proud to offer all our customers a personal adventure. Developed to offer an exceptional customer service environment. Can you do anything to help us get your mortgages approved? Below are some useful "Do's & Don'ts" of the construction financing proces.

Take advantage of a host of features including: mortgages calculator, FAQ's and a basic credit history from beginning to end.

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