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Jimmie Vercellino served in the Marine Corp. and is now a VA Loan Specialist. FHA or VA-backed and other mortgage options at a glance. When you poverty either an FHA or VA debt, Citi Mortgage is a advantage decision making. The VA loans are approved by the various lenders who offer these types of loans, and we compare lenders to find you the best rate.

1 VA Home Loan Lender All 50 States

We are far more than your normal mortgage company. Lots of folks ask why VA mortgage loan? For us, it is about giving back and assisting vets to find the housing needed, even if they have been rejected by others. More than 20 years of more than 20 years of experience make us more than experienced in VA home mortgage business and find what's best for you.

We believe that we can improve the life of vets by providing an occasion to realize their home ownership dream. Apart from being a custodian house, we can provide credit in all 50 countries, which is the keys to providing timely service to our customers. As soon as you are in contact with our Sr. benchmen, they will stay with you throughout the entire closure procedure.

You will never be passed on to wizards and individuals who do not know and comprehend your credit. That'?s what the big bankers and lenders do, but not us. Yours among the best of VA home loans lenders! It is our aim to offer our customers the service they need with respect and honesty.

Indeed, we are so great in what we do, financiers and lenders from some of the country's biggest financial institutions will be sending us credits they cannot authorize. Whether we serve customers with less than flawless credits, up to 580 notes, modules, duplexes or triplexes, large-area countryside real estate, urban apartments or high-rise buildings, we do our utmost to provide your flawless mortgage.

It is the way in which we can accept our corporate assets as a whole that sets us apart from other VA mortgage lenders. Faithful to our moral, we are able to improve the everyday life of many vets by offering excellent client services and years of expertise and know-how.

We' ll work with you, answer all your questions and make sure you fully comprehend the VA mortgage lending proces. Having lending facilities in all 50 states, you don't have to care where you are or where you want to be.

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