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Our mortgages all offer fixed rate financing with multiple options for repayment of mortgage loans. Mortgages Center | Peoples Trust Company Use our on-line mortgage tool, find out more about our lending programmes and check our latest interest rate information. A seasoned credit counselor will lead you through the often challenging and bewildering processes of selecting and obtaining the accurate credit to fulfill your unique needs. Talk to one of our seasoned lenders and let him be your reliable companion through the entire proces.

Funding your current mortgage can help reduce your recurring mortgage payment, accelerate your payout date, or free up your own funds. In order to see if your funding is suitable for you, check out our Mortgage Calculator or talk to one of our experienced lenders today. Talk to one of our experienced lenders today. With our renovation loan, home owners can find a loan taker on the basis of what the home is likely to be valued after completion of the renovation.

Renovation loans would be an appropriate choice for those who wish to keep their first mortgage or for those who wish to take out a second mortgage and a second fund for renovation on the basis of subject to completion figures. Take advantage of the advantages by using the capital in your home to cover home renovation, education costs, marriages, your next car and more.

With PTC, you can choose between a fixed-rate Home Equity Term Loan or our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which provides a either static or variable-rate alternative. Talk to one of our experienced lenders today. In general, all associated charges are payable by PTC unless an assessment or submission is called for.

As a rule, an expert opinion is necessary if your LTV is above 60%. There could be a subordinate charge. Non-life insurances are necessary. There is a $10,000 floor limit and the floor limit is the lower of the $417,000 first and second mortgage credit balance combination, or a combination credit to value may not be greater than 80%.

With Peoples Trust Company, our mortgage lenders take good good care of your mortgage needs. We have an expert loan officer who is fully conversant with the best practice in loan origination, loan origination and banks. You will be guided through the recruitment procedure with respectful ness, dedication and attentiveness that you will not receive from any other institution.

You can apply for a mortgage by contacting one of the following lenders, applying online or visiting a location that suits you best.

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