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In addition to the VA benefits, you may be entitled to compensation. You can use this VA Disability Calculator to calculate your estimated monthly compensation along with your combined disability assessment. Use this calculator to determine the combined rating if you have more than one disability rating from the VA. The calculation of your combined disability assessment with VA mathematics can prove to be a challenging and confusing process. The tools and calculators to help you get the most out of your VA loan.

Invalidity Calculator - Hill & Ponton, P.A.

Concerning service-related remuneration entitlements, the VA believes that it should not sum whole numbers to get your evaluation, but instead take the VA percentage rates of percentage rates. It' like the VA says if you're 10% retarded, you're 90% sane.

Therefore, the next evaluation is not added, but used to obtain a 90% "healthy" score. Thus for a vet with two 10 reviews the first ten per cent review would be 10% out of 100, which is 10%. Second ten per cent would be 10% of the 90% (again the "healthy" proportion of the veteran), i.e. 9%.

In other words, the composite credit assessment would be 19%. Each percentage is round up to the next ten per cent. Here the ratings are round to 20%. Composite scoring system begins to work against a vet when he approaches 100%. Getting this higher score becomes more and more difficult, especially when a vet is over 50%.

If, for example, a vet has two 50% and two 20% scores, the combination score is 80%. There is a tremendous amount of variation in the way it compensates. Corresponding to the VA offset chart, a vet, with no dependants, would get 80%, $1,551. An individual vet who is 100% valued would get $2,903.

With a 100% score, which is only 20% higher than the 80% score, this vet gets almost 100% more cash per months! But there are other things that also affect the valuations. If, for example, a vet has a score on each foot or every arm, then those scores are paired and give an additional push to the entire paired score.

Even if a vet has too many reviews on one limb or limb, VA will stop scoring those reviews. In addition, a vet can go up to 100% through a full invalidity due to unemployment. These veterans must show that they cannot work and that they receive a certain evaluation. The VA instead has its own combination tariff calculator.

We at Hill & Ponton have been checking the scores of our vets by manual over the last 8 years. Ultimately, we designed a Invalidity Assessment Calculator to aggregate all of the veteran's assessments and obtain the ultimate composite assessment. Once the calculator has determined the score, you can enter the number of dependants and it will give you the montly fee that VA should pay you.

That calculator has really been helpful if we can double-check our veterans' scores. This calculator can't get the VA to get the right score, but it can help you get where you are.

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