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Institutional Housing Unit (FHA) and VA credit programmes. Find out more about VA mortgages, get interest rates and apply today. The VA mortgage loans help members of the military and their families achieve their goal of home ownership.

Genuine customer feedback

Dennis, our representative was very competent and beyond that. We were also struck by his credit expertise. During the whole credit processing Dennis was very reactive, approachable and instructive and above all very clear in his explanation about what he needed from us and why, as well as in all stages of the credit processing.

Dennis was a joy to work with and we will not be afraid to refer him to other home purchasers when we have an occasion. "All I wanted to do was show my thanks and esteem for the work Dennis has done to help us with the mortgage loan issue. Actually, I can say it was a smooth working with Dennis and we really appreciate his timing, his effort and his instruction.

" We' ve just signed a contract and she and I were lucky enough to work with Dennis Waskiewicz. Frankly, I was a little bit jumpy that we were talking about a non-government mortgage bank and a credit consultant, but I was nicely amazed at how smoothly and quickly the lending procedure was done by Dennis and his people.

Right from the first call I could see that Dennis was optimistic and excited about its mortgage lending product and processes. It did a marvelous job that explains many different aspect about how the VA lending act entirety, characterized a few status I wasn't servant with, and was the attempt approval businessperson with whom I had talked up to point.

Mr. Bennett was very thorough and proficient in document delivery and how the processes of signing digitally work. Because Dennis was fast on answering our queries and always kept us informed of what was going on, whether by e-mail or telephone, we never doubted what was happening to the credit processing.

In fact, she said that he was one of the best credit clerks she had worked with for a long while. Without any problems I would and will refer Dennis and his staff to anyone I know who is on the home or refinancing markets.

"After looking for several other businesses to fund my home, and having talked to Dennis... he won the deals. Dennis made me think I was a distant boyfriend by sharing some of his problems with his wife and then hearing mine. Having something to discuss that wasn't just about funding was good.

Whenever I had a question or concern, he answered quickly, although sometimes it wasn't the response I wanted. "Throughout our life we have had to work with several different mortgage lenders. Every night it was a dream to say the least - even on our own bench! Because Dennis has real probity that's so difficult to find these parts of the world these days. Really?

The most important thing is that he has always had the right expectation of us and the Group. but, kid, we would have liked to have used Dennis for all our other earlier deals. Thank you again for the great experiences and support in achieving our objectives! I' m here to tell you Dennis did a good piece of work with my loans.

I' ve worked with several credit clerks and Dennis is by far the best I have ever worked with. It was very reactive and took charge of all facets of lending. I' m gonna take out as many credits as I can through your account, because of Dennis. From the beginning to the end of the credit re-financing it was a joy to work with Dennis[Waskiewicz].

When I think about my experiences with Dennis, the first thing that comes to my head is the fact that he is a man with very high levels of personality integration. Meticulous and meticulous, he described all the advantages and disadvantages of funding a home that was "under water" and then gave me a few extra working hours to think about it and discuss it with my mom.

Looking back, every thing Dennis said to me would pass - happens! Dennis also had to make sure that my girlfriend was kept up to date because she was playing a big part in the funding. Despite the shift in timing, I could call Dennis at any moment to get an answer to my question and concern.

Also my spouse could always get in touch with Dennis. Several times I had tried to re-finance my home, but I didn't have the feeling that one of the credit analysts had our best interests in mind, and some just said they couldn't do it. Because Dennis was the exceptional one and declared everything to me so that I could comprehend it.

It' s very important to have confidence in the credit advisor you work with, and I knew Dennis was taking care of our best from the very beginning. Very little hassle or confusion arose in connection with the funding, as Dennis was always there to promptly respond to all our queries.

I and my spouse are very happy that we were able to take full benefit of the low interest rate now on offer and, thanks to Dennis, our expenditure was much lower than we thought. In any case, I will be recommending Dennis to one of my friend or colleague who wants to buy or fund a house.

However, after a first clear and open debate, Dennis did all the preparatory work and made the whole thing fundamentally hassle-free for me. Still, I can't believe how quickly and easily the whole thing went - from the paperwork that was prepared for my verification and signing to the agent's visiting my house to complete the refinancing.

I have worked with Dennis Waskiewicz, who has done an outstanding job. What is more, we have been able to work with him. It made everything clear and easy to grasp the whole thing by guiding me through everytep. Communicating with Dennis was so pleasant that he could always be reached by telephone and e-mail. The refinancing was completed quickly and a hassle free operation.

And we are very satisfied with our new mortgage! Carmel Valley, CA. We worked with Dennis Waskiewicz on the acquisition of our house in Carmel Valley, CA. Before we had a real estate deal in escarpment, we approached Dennis and discussed a narrow timeframe in which to make the deal with VA financing.

Dennis would have been our recommendation (and recommended) to all our buddies, both the army and the civil. He' s really the best credit advisor we ever worked with! Working with a locals bench on my second house with a tender taken. Banks explained to me that the house was never VA sanctioned and would have to go through a 30-60 day trial.

They were not only willing to shut down in less than 30 working days (what my other creditor said to me was that it was not possible to shut down in less than 45-60 working days), but the customer experience was amazing and they kept in constant contact throughout the whole time. Somebody was always fast to give me an assurance and answers my question, even if things didn't go well with the review.

On July 7, my credit was financed by your firm. This was a wonder that can only be traced back to your enterprise and the care of Dennis Waskiewicz. Its disease had posed a financial challenge to my businessperson and I was emotionally desperate when I was refused by my organization of 30 gathering, [...] and 3 different VA investor for a VA debt.

Dennis did not even once show anything other than a supporting and affirmative approach about the financing procedure. It worked many work time to get me a debt that others same was a debt that the VA wouldn't finance. A mortgage was requested from your local mortgage company and I received information about certain things that would have happened to [Dennis].

And I will be recommending your bench to all my employees and my buddies for the care I have had. Mr Waskiewicz was a joy to work with. And if I ever have to do that again, I will get in touch with Mr. Waskiewicz. Recently, we raised funds with Dennis Waskiewicz as our credit advisor.

He was very alert to our needs, responded promptly to our phone conversations and was generally readily available. I was reassured that Dennis had shown a comprehensive grasp of the funding proces. His professionalism and friendliness will make him a highly recommended person. All I wanted to do was take a few moments to show my thanks and esteem for Dennis Waskiewicz.

In September I called Dennis back to get a VA house credit for a house we're just constructing. Dawn was a reassuring power and resolved to find a remedy to our predicament. Than a second times because of the missing passport, Dennis was able to go to the loft and get another installment lure expansion.... astonishing!

I would like you to convey my sincere thanks for the unbelievable work Dennis has done in closing my mortgage! It has done an amazing work, doing everything I needed in a very short period of work. Many thanks for your while and for such a great experiance. I just wanted to let you know how much we valued the cooperation with Dennis Waskiewicz in our refinancing.

We have never had a credit processing so fast and professional. You are lucky to have such a well-informed workman who knew what he was doing! Mr President, I am here to thank one of your colleagues, Dennis Waskiewicz, for the outstanding client services he offered me in refinancing my house at the beginning of this last month. What I would like to say is that I am very grateful to you for your support.

During the whole trial I had several queries, and Dennis answered them quickly by telephone or e-mail. It' s hard to find people of such high level and professionality. Once I spoke to your banking department when I bought my house and I was always satisfied with the services I received.

People like Dennis will ensure that I will be doing deals with your banking for many years to come. In addition, I am planning to issue visiting-cards and to recommend Dennis as a partner when it comes to refinancing or even buying property. about one of your associates, Charlie Maykrantz.

to ask about our re-financing on our latest mortgage. Mr Maykrantz continued to impress us when, to our great amazement, he phoned us several times during the course of our funding. They cannot know what esteem we have for an associate who shows what we consider an sincere care for our needs and contentment during this time.

Due to the excellent client services and the support of Mr. Maykrantz, we have chosen your company. They quickly responded to our queries and handled the credit as it had been granted. Thank you very much for getting us nearer to our house to finalize the credit. Many thanks for enabling us to now have a mortgage at a lower interest for you.

Mr President, I wanted to take a few moments to give you very good feed-back on one of your colleagues, Dennis Waskiewicz. Remember that I've been getting your email flyers for month, but when I spoke to him on the telephone, I realised what an absolute professional he was and that I wanted to involve him in the re-financing of my house.

He was well informed about the entire project, highly supportive and available to respond to any queries. We are very happy clients and will definitely refer your work to our friendly people. Mr President, I am sending thisetter to thank you for the outstanding and very thoughtful way in which your credit manager, Mr Dennis Waskiewicz, has served you.

Answering all the queries, Dennis was totally frank about the figures he had given and the timeframe within which he would finalise our credit. We are very thankful that he has been able to become our refinancier and his expertise and perseverance go beyond what we were expecting. It made this whole procedure simple, efficiently and above all effectively.

I' ve already possessed and funded houses before, and that was the best one. Denis, thank you. Things went very well and I am very happy with the trial. I would like to receive some maps, because I would like to suggest you. Dennis, thank you so much for your help because this was so much simpler than I thought and you were a real pro.

Dennis, thanks for the message, and thanks for all your support through the re-fi trial. At the beginning of the trial, we were sceptical because, as everyone in America knows, we received many phone conversations and many e-mails with quotes that sometimes seem too good to be true (and usually are).

I' ve worked in many areas of the corporate community and Dennis has managed to make what can be a very difficult and enjoyable event in a home loans refinance. Charlie, As I've already texted you, I'd guess I've done about 25 face-to-face credit deals. Working with you has been great, your professionality and kindness have made for a truly unforgettable time.

I' m definitely going to commend you to anyone seeking funding. about one of your associates, Charlie Maykrantz. to ask about our re-financing on our latest mortgage. Mr Maykrantz continued to impress us when, to our great amazement, he phoned us several times during the course of our funding.

They cannot know what esteem we have for an associate who shows what we consider an sincere worry for our needs and contentment during this time. Due to the excellent client services and the support of Mr. Maykrantz, we have chosen your company. Both my man and I had the privilege of working with Charlie Maykrantz during our lean funding period.

He' made our funding expertise simpler than purchasing a vehicle! I' d already begun this procedure with a few other providers before and for some sort of reasons they didn't all pass, mostly because their procedure was faulty or I just didn't have a good feel for their application. Again, many thanks for the education effort and the monthly saving I have now.

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