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Service rates - Compensation Choose the remuneration programme below to display the latest tariffs. Historic courses are also listed on the page with links to our latest courses. A VA will determine the seriousness of your impediment on the basis of proof that you provide as part of your entitlement or that VA receives from your army files. The VA evaluates the invalidity from 0% to 100% in 10% steps (e.g.

10%, 20%, 30% etc.).

For information on how the VA computes the invalidity rate for concurrent impairments, see the section Composite Ratings. According to Swiss legislation, the cost-of-living adjustment to the VA remuneration and pensions is the same as for social security payments. When VA determines that a vet has more than one handicap, VA will use the table of composite ratings below to compute a composite handicap score.

Handicap assessments are not cumulative, which means that if a vet has a 60% handicap and a second 20% handicap, the cumulative assessment is not 80%. The reason for this is that following handicapped assessments are carried out on an already handicapped vet so that the 20% handicap is carried out on a vet who is already 60% handicapped.

The following are the VA procedures for combining more than one invalidity rating, and samples that use the table of composite scores to demonstrate how composite scores are computed. In the case a vet has a 50 per cent invalidity and a 30 per cent invalidity, the value is estimated at 65 per cent, but the 65 per cent must be transformed into 70 per cent to show the ultimate level of invalidity.

Similarly, for a 40 per cent invalidity and a further 20 per cent invalidity, a 52 per cent combination is determined, but the 52 per cent must be calculated to the next possible grade that can be divided by 10, i.e. 50 per cent. When there are three handicaps that are assessable at 60 per cent, 40 per cent and 20 per cent respectively, the composite value for the first two is found against 60 and below 40 and is 76 per cent.

The 76 is in the upper right hand corner, then the 20 in the upper one. 81 is the overlap of these two evaluations. Thus, the ultimate valuation is round to 80%.

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