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This makes lenders extra cautious when considering the second home loans. Having a holiday home mortgage in Michigan can be the right place for your family to own the home of your dreams. Now HuffPost is part of it. If, for example, you're looking for a movie, we'll use your searching information and your locations to show you the most popular theaters in your area. As with Eid, our affiliates can also show you advertisements that they think are in your interests.

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If you have just payed for your holiday home in cold water, IT could be simpler. Credit funds are available for second homes, but anticipate larger down deposits, higher interest levels and other levels that are stricter than for a main home - and these levels are already strict. There are also special features for the holiday market.

Holiday home buying made up 10 per cent of home selling last year, according to a National Association of Realtors poll published this past year. Investments made up 17 per cent - but sometimes the line between the two is a little blurred. This is a significant decline from the peak of the property bubble in 2005, when holiday and capital expenditure together represented 40 per cent.

Capturing the detail of a mortgage is a challenge, said Mr. Loundy. As an example, precise conditions can vary during the lending approval lifecycle - a rate can rise by an eight - or quarter-percentage point for any business that is not just "pristine", he says - and originally a detached single-family home instead of a condo means a rating of 725 or more and a full revenue record.

And even if everything else is the same, a holiday home credit is more expensive. Mr Cecala has just repaid his own first and second dwellings on the same date, and the interest in the holiday spot was a fourth of a point higher. There are some holiday areas that present special opportunities. Catskills Buyer Agency's David Knudsen in Sullivan County says estimates in an area like his can be risky because big bankers, for example, can demand that a sale in the same county be similar - which isn't so simple with small counties and large selling.

He said they are better able to judge the value of a home on one side of a pond from another. After all, what about money? Holiday home purchasers have a tendency to be older and wealthier than other purchasers, so all-cash dealing is used. The real estate agent poll showed that 36 per cent pay money in real estate, as did 59 per cent of purchasers.

Mr Knudsen said that half of his turnover last year was just money. There is no need for these purchasers to have estimates; they can shut down in 30 trading days instead of 60 or more; and they can consider homes in a less impeccable state, such as foreclosure.

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