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Holiday home Mortgage rates

Expect your mortgage rates for an investment property to be higher than for a second home, everything else will be the same. The interest rates for second home loans may be higher than the interest rates for first homes. Do you have low-interest mortgage rates available for holiday homes? Block your rate and know exactly how much house you can afford.

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Holiday makers who want to take full benefit of the historic low mortgage rates and re-finance a holiday home should be ready for tougher credit standards, especially when renting the home. Mr. Gumbinger also observes that house owners are less likely to have a second home as they have a principal domicile, which could influence the value of the home and mean greater costs for the creditor should the real estate end in enforcement.

As well as calculating a higher interest charge, creditors may demand a lower loan-to-value ratio, i. e. the proportion of the pledged real estate value. Matt Hackett, an employee of Equity Now, a New York City-based mortgage lending company, says that a main home can have a borrowers relationship of up to 95 per cent, but a second home or asset can have a relationship of up to 90 per cent or 85 per cent.

Creditors can also demand a higher level of creditworthiness - for example, 700 to 720, said Mark Logue, chairman of Thoroughbred Mortgage in Rye Brook, N.Y., and they will want sufficient cash. For example, you might want to have two monthly money accounts to pay for mortgage capital and interest, real estate tax and insurances.

When you plan to let the real estate, it changes categories and becomes an asset real estate - and for that you have to give six months' money on your account statement, Mr Hackett said. Creditors will want to make sure there is a pillow if there are issues with rental payment in the near term.

Last year, forced sales rates for asset class buildings were about one and a half time higher than for second dwellings that are not used as asset class buildings, according to CoreLogic, a facility analysis company. However, if you let your second home for more than two full calendar days a year and state this revenue in your taxes, most creditors will consider this home an asset," said Daniel Gualtieri, VP of Hamptons at GFI Mortgage Bankers.

Capital investment real estate often carries higher rates or more points, on the basis of their mortgage lending value relationship, Mr Hackett said. Up to 75 per cent loan-to-value ratios allow a borrower, for example, to: make a 1.75 per cent credit point, a slightly higher interest instead of points, or a combination of both (25 per cent higher interest and 75 per cent point payment).

For example, some creditors do not regard a house as an asset if it is leased for only one seasonal period per year.

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