Wachovia Mortgage Rates

Wachovia Mortgage rates

Wells Fargo Company: Well Fargo is one of the nation's largest banks and mortgage lenders, with mortgage rates that are very competitive in the market. Well Fargo offers a full range of fixed rate, variable rate (ARM), pure interest and jumbo mortgages, FHA and VA mortgage products. Variable rate mortgages are shorter than traditional mortgage terms. Note: Since the merger of Wachovia and World Savings, the Wachovia family of companies no longer uses the original COSI index for new mortgages.

The Wachovia Bank: Today's mortgage rates, CD rates, histories

The Wachovia Group was a diverse provider of private client and broking solutions, as well as offering portfolio and portfolio advisory, portfolio and portfolio advisory, as well as advisory, financing and advisory solutions. Headquartered in the United States, the firm was one of the United States' premier provider of consumer financing solutions, with private and business bank accounts in 21 states from Connecticut to Florida and West to Texas and California, as well as countrywide retailing, mortgage credit and automotive financing.

Wells Fargo took over Wachovia in 2008; it was the fourth biggest US banking group, but almost collapsed during the global economic downturn because it had to be sold. Wachovia's origins date back to the foundation of the Legacy Wachovia Corporation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1879. Wachovia has grown successfully for over 100 years, but in 2008 Wachovia became a target of the sub-prime mortgage crises, partly because of its own operations and partly because of Golden West Finance lending, which it took over in 2006.

In order to avoid Wachovia's failure, the company bought the banking house from Wells Fargo, a transaction concluded in December 2008. Those who recall the name Wachovia will be pleased to learn that the heritage continues under Wells Fargo, which provides mortgage credit, deposit certificate (CDs), saving account and many other finance items for which Wachovia was known.

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Financial Services Company Wachovia

The Wachovia was the name of a large global finance service provider taken over by Wells Fargo in 2008. Wachovia's name was withdrawn after the completion of the merger of the two businesses in 2011, and former Wachovia websites now directly connect to Wells Fargo. Wachovia was the United States' 4th biggest US commercial banking institution in terms of balance sheet value before its acquisition by Wells Fargo and provided a wide variety of financing activities, among which asset gathering and investing activities.

During the 2008 recession, Wachovia was sold to Wells Fargo due to financing problems, which prevented the failure of the group. Wachovia's mortgage lending activities were fully assigned to Wells Fargo and no new loans were created under the Wachovia name. Wells Fargo now serves borrower that have received mortgage loans through Wachovia.

with mortgage rates that are very competitively priced in the mortgage markets. Well Fargo provides a full range of mortgage based services including Fix Interest Rates, Variable Interest Rates (ARM), Pure Interest and Junbo Mortgage, FHA and VA Mortgage Services. For the first of its kind, Wells Fargo has house buying programmes and programmes for those with incomplete loans.

When the Wachovia trademark ceases to exist, mortgage loans will no longer be repaid under the Wachovia name. House owners who wish to re-finance mortgage payments received through Wachovia can do so with Wells Fargo or any other mortgage provider, provided they fulfill the capital, lending and earnings as well as other qualification criteria. A Wachovia mortgage debtor with little or no home ownership interest, or who is under water on their mortgage (more than their ownership is worth) can fund under the Home Affordable Funding Program (HARP), provided the mortgage is supported by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Division can do this for Wachovia borrower looking for refinancing through Wells Fargo, but also for any borrower or agent who accepts requests for refinancing from other lenders. Borrower with a mortgage created by Wachovia may request a Home equity facility or Home equity line of Credit (HELOC) through Wells Fargo or another borrower providing Home Equity services.

Wachovia.com, the former Wachovia website, now provides a link to a page with information about the Wachovia takeover by WF. Borrower or other clients with Wachovia account information may use Wells Fargo branches to conduct transactions related to these account information or request the following numbers: If you need mortgages or refinance, call 1-877-937-9357.

If you need home loan or line of credit, call 1-888-667-1772.

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