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Minimum creditworthiness you need depends on the type of loan. When you have lost your home through a short sale and want to get another mortgage loan, you might wonder how long you have to wait. How can I obtain a mortgage after a mortgage has been sold?

When you have been losing your home through a brief sell and want to get another mortgage, you might wonder how long you will have to wait. Your mortgage will be paid for in a few days. Yours will take a hit after a brief sell, although possibly not as much as it would if you had lost your home through foreclosure. Your credits will take a hit after a brief sell.

However, a quick sell is likely to stop you from getting another mortgage immediately. How long you have to delay obtaining a new mortgage will depend on the nature of the borrower and your finances. How long you have to wait to get a new FHA mortgage will depend on your borrowing history and the reason for the uncovered mortgage.

Maybe you don't have to wait around to request an FHA-insured mortgage credit after the uncovered purchase if: you have also made your instalment mortgage repayments for the same timeframe within the due monthly. However, if you were in arrears with the old mortgage when you sold the mortgage for the first straight, you must allow at least three years before requesting another FHA mortgage.

If you can prove that mitigating factors such as a serious medical condition or the loss of an employee are responsible for the mortgage loss, you may be able to claim earlier than three years. Regardless of whether you are in arrears with the old mortgage or not, you are not entitled to a new FHA mortgage if you have only used the quick sell to take advantages of lower property values.

This means that you cannot use selling short as a way to get your old home out of a falling residential property pool and buy a similar home at a lower cost. Queuing times for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage credit after a sell off depend on the situation.

In the case of a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac credit, the qualifying time is two years if there are mitigating factors. With most other kinds of creditors, wait times may be different. The majority of creditors are inclined to adhere to Fannie Mae's policy for mortgage loans after a reverse auctions. Others may reduce the length of the wait after the purchase, provided you make a large down pay - sometimes 25% or more - and accept a higher interest rat.

You must also have a good reputation. Empty selling can cause FICO Scores to be damaged. The higher your creditworthiness, the greater the FICO decline in a direct purchase. In order to restore a good loan and increase your FICO rating, you should: keep a small number of loan books. You should check your mortgage information immediately if you wish to apply for a new mortgage after a mortgage has been sold out.

This is because uncovered selling is often shown as "foreclosures" in financial statements. When your uncovered property sold off is recorded as a compulsory execution on your mortgage statement, you may be mistakenly refused a new mortgage because: the creditor asked you to pay a higher down amount than you would have asked if the uncovered property had been duly noticed.

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