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The Waterfield Mortgage Company, Inc. operates as a mortgage bank in the United States through its subsidiaries. Waterfield Mortgage Company, Inc. key personnel. The Waterfield Mortgage is the holding company of the Waterfield Group.

History of the Waterfield Mortgage Company and the Waterfield Group. Posted by Richard D. Waterfield.

The Waterfield Mortgage Company is celebrating 75 years of service and success

Established in 1928 by Richard Waterfield, the Fort Wayne, India-based Waterfield Mortgage Company, Inc. currently comprises Waterfield Financial Corp., Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis and Waterfield Insurance Agency. Over the past 75 years, Waterfield Financial Corp. has expanded to more than 30 US office locations and 225 credit processors.

In 2002, as a technological pioneer in mortgage lending and services, the firm raised more than $8.1 billion in FHA, VA and traditional credit while maintaining a $14 billion loan serving record. "We are celebrating our 75-year jubilee as an important landmark in celebrating our long-standing commitment to outsourced non-paper converting and our commitment to client care and relationships," said Donald Sherman, Waterfield Chairman.

"By 1928, our creator, Richard Waterfield, hadn't thought about getting into his automobile and going 160 mile per route to do the red tape for a quick final loans. In the opinion of management, the conviction that each and every debtor merits its full attentiveness and dedication is the corporate boast and pleasure.

Though Waterfield is one of the biggest private mortgage companies in the US, its corporate culture is still that of a small business - and it focuses on the client's needs. "Sherman continues, "Waterfield is dedicated to providing the knowledge and resource to deliver the best and most comprehensive service possible.

"We are committed as an employee to the business and above all to our clients. The Waterfield Mortgage Group is the ultimate holding of the Waterfield Group, which comprises Waterfield Financial, Waterfield Insurances and Union Federal Bank. The Waterfield Mortgage business provides personal and corporate lending throughout the country. The Waterfield Insurances Agentur is a full-service insurer that sells endowment, annuity, personal accident and personal accident insurances.

The Union Bundesbank, headquartered in Indianapolis, is the state' biggest full-service German saving institution. It also has affiliates providing re-insurance and brokering as well as investment intermediation activities and financial intermediation related financial instruments. More than 30 office and 225 credit representatives are available throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

If you would like more information about Waterfield Mortgage please call Lynn Weaver (260) 434-8434. To find out more about the Waterfield Group, please go to the website at www.waterfield.com.

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