What Bank Offers the Lowest Mortgage Rate

Which bank offers the lowest mortgage rate?

The Bank of America offers a wide range of mortgages and online account management tools. Hongkong Bank of Hong Kong is offering this year's lowest mortgage interest rate for two Tsuen Wan properties. Mortgage lending in Hong Kong is becoming more competitive for Hong Kong mortgage lenders, with some working with mortgage brokerage firms to give purchasers of two new Tsuen Wan mortgage deals the lowest interest rate this year. The Centaline mortgage broker said Thursday that it would give customers who purchased Cheung Kong Property's Ocean Supreme assets a mortgage rate of just 1.68 percent for the first year, followed by 1.

28 percent above the Hong Kong Hibor or 1.7 percent for the following years.

"Ivy Wong Mei-fung, CEO of Centaline Mortgage, said it should be the cheapest mortgage repayment schedule in town. At 1.3 percent points above Hibor, the target slightly undercuts the 30-year mortgage from Referral Mortgage Brokerage Services for Parc Citysuyers. This tariff is only available to purchasers who buy Parc Citys via their mother organisation Midland Realty.

Using the one-month Hibor at 0. 4217 percent on Thursday, purchasers will receive loan at an APR of 1. 72 percent per annum, versus the prevailing rate of 1. 82 percent under H-rate schemes. Both mortgage brokers have joined forces to provide such privileged conditions to their customers.

However, they refused to find out which bank offered the programs. Mortgages came after the Chinachem Group published its first 191 unit pricelist in Parc City, bordering Tsuen Wan West West West Western Railway Terminal on Wednesday, where the median was HK$14,449 (US$1,847) per sq. ft. after taking into account up to 20 percent off.

This was the lowest introductory selling rate for new apartments offered for purchase this year and 10 percent below the deal level of the aftermarket. According to more than 2,400 interested parties, the Parc City devices have been registered since Thursday. China's introductory retail on Wednesday was also 14 percent below the HK$16,877 per square foot Cheung Kong Property fixed in May for Ocean Supreme, a property developed next to Parc City.

It also accelerated the divestment of the remainder of Ocean Supreme. Kwok, a manager of Cheung Kong Real Estate's wholly-owned affiliate, said the company would sell 80 Ocean Supreme cars on Saturday and another 80 on Sunday. For the 160 items, the retail prices begin at HK$15,066 per square foot.

Almost 1,600 Tsuen Wan cars were still available for purchase after purchasers had bought nearly 2,600 cars since the beginning of the year, he said. In the last six-month period, more than 2,600 apartments have been purchased in Tsuen Wan in the "Ocean Pride" and "The Pavilia Bay" projects. Centaline Property Agency's Asia Pacific CEO, Louis Chan Wing-Kit, said that the two-bedroom unit in the 20-year-old Discovery Park contiguous to the MTR's Tsuen Wan base, which was recently oversold for over HK$6 million, means "Parc City is likely to resell like warm bread rolls".

The Parc City unit size ranges from 427 square feet to 839 square feet, are on floors from 7-39 and are available from HK$5.4 million to HK$13.36 million net of discounts. However, sector experts say that such a localized pricing battle is unlikely to be replicated in other areas of Hong Kong as the continued strength of housing market demands is elsewhere amid an overall tight housing market and low interest rate levels.

"It' s a popular policy for designers to sell a few low price devices in order to attract buyers," said Denis Ma, JLL research director. Midland Realty's Po added that Ocean Supreme apartments had more price as these apartments are on floors 30-50 with ocean views.

Featured pricing for the latest Ocean Supreme lot of 508 -square-foot to 1,163-square-foot ocean supreme vehicles is available for HK$10.4 million to HK$30. before taking into consideration a 22 percent deduction. Headquartered in Yuen Long, Henderson Land is planning to publish its 63-unit Park Reach with a footprint of 187 square feet to 310 square feet later this month. Yuen Long will be the first park in the country to have a park of this magnitude.

There are 648 entities with areas from 270 square feet to 1,500 square feet.

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