What do I need to get a Mortgage

Exactly what do I need to obtain a mortgage?

See How do I get pre-approval for a mortgage for more information? Which creditworthiness do I need for a mortgage? All mortgages are not identical, and not everyone can qualify for the same mortgage. They must have a secure job. Below is a list of the most important documents you will need to submit your mortgage application.

Checklist for mortgages

Below is a listing of the most important documentation you will need to submit your mortgage request. In the ideal case you should take these with you when you come to see us. When you make a common request, documentation is needed for each borrowers. As a PAYE staff member, you usually need to specify the following:

An income certificate (a standardised application provided by the banks and completed by your employer). Letter from your chartered public accounting firm confirming that your personal/business taxation matters (PAYE/PRSI/VAT) are up to date and your financial performance data for the year. As a rule, you are obliged to submit up-to-date account statement for all your loan or mortgage at present.

It may also be the case that you are obliged to present identity papers and a certificate of your adress.


Here's how to

I' m gonna take out a mortgage. I' m gonna take out a loan.

Since 20001, the number of self-employed has risen drastically from 3.3 million to 4.8 million. Does their insecure returns mean they can't get any mortgage? Are they being handled as second-class nationals by creditors? However, do not give up hope: those who have more reliable revenues and above all good record of their incomes can still do good business.

First, let us destroy the legend that there is a class of loan known as an "independent" mortgage. Aldermore Bank's Charles McDowell says that his research almost one-third (30%) of self-employed home-owners believe the mortgage lawsuit against them is prejudiced. "Finally, when evaluating an independent mortgage claimant, a creditor must make a judgement in two areas:

As a general rule, the longer you are self-employed, the better. When you have two years bank account, you have more choices of creditors; three years is even better. The majority of creditors require the financial statements to be drawn up by an authorised or sworn auditor. Creditors will also want to see the revenue you have declared to the HMRC and the taxes that have been disbursed.

However, Adrian Anderson, general manager of mortgage brokers Anderson Harris, says that self-employed borrower often find themselves in a dilemma regarding taxes. "The bookkeepers will try to minimize the amount of taxes paid by the self-employed. While this is good for holding down the individual's personal income bill, it is not good for mortgage purposes," he added.

Well, what if you had recently started your own business? Specialized creditors, such as Precise Mortgages, Kensington, Vida Homeloans, Aldermore Bank and Kent Reliance, may consider candidates with one year account. This is almost twice as much as the interest rates for the lowest two-year fixing currently available on the postal services markets, the 1.33% business. Retailers are rated differently according to whether their revenues have risen or fallen in recent years.

As your incomes rise, creditors usually take the mean of your last two or three years' incomes. However, if it has gone down, creditors are likely to use the latest and basest picture. In the case of a contractor who earns a daily fee, the lender usually multiplies the fee by the number of working hours per year and searches for at least one year of contractual records.

There are two ways of determining the remuneration of the director of a corporation. One is to base their incomes on the salaries and all corporate dividend payments. It is an area where the capabilities of a mortgage agent should be useful, but it will increase the costs. There is no London & Country charging, but others have a tendency to apply a lump sum of £500 or up to 1% of the mortgage amount.

Any mortgage applicant can look forward to having prospective creditors spend their money on a finely toothed crescent. It is advisable to limit expenditure on "luxury goods" for six month before applying and to prevent things that creditors might see as "red flags", such as on-line gaming or paying day credit.

Yo-Anna Francis, 44, is a Maidstone, Kent based sales executive and has been self-employed since April 2013. She had to take almost a year to get her new mortgage because she had to rent a house and give a compensation in money to her ex-husband. They were finally remortgaged at a two-year flat interest of 1. 84%, without handling charge, with their current creditor Santander in November 2017.

"For three years I had to show my books and have my bookkeeper sign my account statements," she says. "I didn't have to present any account statement (maybe because I have some Santander account books). That way you can see why we have to ask for your help.

What distinguishes us from so many others at a times when objective, truthful coverage is crucial.

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