What do I need to get Prequalified for a Mortgage

How much do I need to prequalify for a mortgage?

You must provide your lender or mortgage broker with the following: You don't have to do that. Do you want to have a good idea of what your debt-to-income ratio is? As soon as you find the house you want to buy, the final stage of the credit process begins. Pre-approve online or contact us to find out how much you can qualify for and get the documentation you need to start shopping.

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If you are purchasing for a home, townhouse, condo or industrial building that you wish to buy, you will need either a pre-qualification or a prior authorisation document to make a bid. Every mail will assure the vendor of your integrity and capacity to obtain a mortgage for the sale. Both services are offered free of charge.

Note: If you are in competition with another purchaser to make an offering for a home, a Prior Authorization Note will carry more importance than a Prior Authorization Note. Gladly we will gladly forward you a copy of your information for verification. Obtaining pre-qualification means completing a mortgage request, checking your mortgage information and speaking with a mortgage consultant who will supply a free pre-qualification cover note to match your offering.

Receiving pre-approved funds means that you have also filed additional documents on your incomes and wealth for verification by a creditor. When you are done, simply click here to start our safe on-line credit request. Probably you do not want the vendor to know exactly what you are qualifying for the purchase. They should receive a note saying that they are eligible to buy a home at a particular location without specifying a US Dollars amount.

However, we strongly suggest that you buy with knowing what qualifies you for the deal. Occupation - When you get in touch with us, we need to know your career path over the last two years. Recently, if you have made a career change, we need to check how steady your new position is in determining whether you are eligible for a mortgage.

The creditworthiness with which a real estate is bought, however, is different.

It is only a lender who can produce a Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCR) and verify your rating with the three major rating companies. Sometimes referred to as a tri-merge scores, this scores is more stringent, more preservative than what the consumer sees to ensure that your rating is in line with or better than today's lending standards.

If I already own another home, what happens? When you have an exisiting home for Sale, we make sure that you are eligible to bear both your present home mortgage and the new one. That would allow you to submit a bid that is referred to as a non-quota bid. When you have a failure on your finance file as little as two years ago, we can still help you get a mortgage to buy a home.

Once you have a deal to buy a home, you should ask for a quotation or a proposal from several creditors to grant your credit. You will want us to provide you with an interest and mortgage because we work with many creditors to match interest levels and type of mortgage. When you have used a pre-qualification certificate, you must take the additional steps to be accepted by a creditor.

Note: Even if you receive a prequalification cover from another creditor, you can still ask us to compare offers! By the end of the afternoon, we'll be reporting to you, not the banks.

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