What is Pre Approved home Loan

Is a pre-approved housing loan?

"My uncle, who is a real estate agent, suggested that my wife and I be approved in advance for a home loan before we go looking for houses. Q&A Mortgage: "Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval". So you have determined that you are ready to apply for your very first home loan.

Obtaining your pre-approved financing saves you time so you can concentrate on buying the right house at the right price. Advance approval for a VA home loan is the first step to owning your new home.

Which is a pre-approved home loan and how does it make sense?

Is a pre-approved housing loan? A pre-approved home loan is a home loan granted by the institution to its customer/borrower before the latter has completed the purchase of a housing unit. Decisions on the loan amount are based exclusively on the borrower's collection documentation. Permission is granted for a fixed term (usually 3 to 6 months).

Borrowers should be able to verify the identity of a real estate within this restricted timeframe. Payment will only be made by the EBRD if the real estate has a clear Title and is eligible as collateral for the EBRD (in accordance with its credit standards). It should also be noted that the credit conditions (interest rates, EMI and maturity) specified in the penalty notice may subsequently be subject to changes.

Which are the advantages of a pre-approved housing loan? As soon as the debtor knows how much loan he is entitled to (based on his income), he will be very clear about his will. Loan handling takes much less after completion of the real estate by the debtor (as many loan paperwork would have been done by the date of pre-approval/principle sanctioning of the loan).

Borrowers will be able to better bargain with vendors. Advance authorization of the home loan would enhance his negotiating powers as he would now have a penalty notice to show to the vendor. Real estate support - Sometimes bankers also communicate with clients (whose credits have been generally sanctioned) the lists of approved properties, which would help the borrowers to find a sale without the help of an agent.

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Call a real estate agent to give you an advantage and help relieve your stresses and troubles when you buy a home. Obtaining your pre-approved financing will save you valuable working hours so you can concentrate on purchasing the right home at the right cost. After my application, what happens? In order to find out what happens after your application, read this page.

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