Where are Mortgage Rates today

What are the mortgage rates today?

Mortgage rates rise on Thursday Today, headline events from across the entire pool are leading to a sell-off in the fixed income markets, driving up government and mortgage returns. Actually, they are now very near to being back where they were before the big accident on Monday. If interest rates go up again, we think the wise choice for borrower is to set a price now before interest rates go higher.

What are the mortgage rates? It was a weekly rollcoaster trip where every single passing night seemed to bring a new ascent or descent. Today, the fixed income markets are taking their watchword from the other side of the pool as the Bank of England signalled that a surge in headline rates could lead to a quicker interest increase plan.

Please click here for the latest mortgage rates (25 September 2018). As a result, treasury bonds were sold off and returns increased. Currently, the 10-year Treasury grade return (the best measure of where mortgage rates are going) has risen above five base points to 2.88% on that date.

The mortgage interest rates tend to move in the same way as the 10-year return, so that the interest rates are again going up today. Today we published the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS), which showed a further rise in mortgage rates. This is what Freddie Mac's Economic & Housing Research Group had to say about this week's mortgage rates:

For the fifth successive weeks, mortgage rates in the PMMS have risen. As Treasury returns move higher today, the platform is being prepared for a 6th successive rise next weekend. Whilst the 2018 agreement has long been for a progressive rise in mortgage rates, progress to date has been much faster than anticipated.

One thirty-three base point leap in the 30-year fix since the beginning of January is not exactly a gradual one. Please click here to go to our Mortgage Builders and find out how much you can safe. It is another weekly and another increase in mortgage rates. Considering that mortgage rates are likely to continue to increase in the next few months and even more, we think it makes good business sense for anyone wishing to buy a home or fund their present mortgage to withhold interest earlier than later.

Learn how you can get the best possible price with our detailed videos. There is a clear danger that if you opt to continue to wait, prices will have increased by the point at which you opt to block them. Its only a few moments to start browsing the web or making a quick call to a mortgage professional to talk about your choices.

Today's business data: The unemployment figures for the 3.2.18 weekend were 221,000. Thus the four-week rolling mean is 224,500. Remarkable happenings this week: If he' s not currently penning on mortgage-related subjects, you can find him gambling ping-pong or whammying on his electrician.

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