Where to find Current Mortgage Rates

How can I find the current mortgage rates?

SIX Financial Information historical and current end-of-day data. The prices quoted on our website only apply to offers on current accounts. Mortgages are falling as the residential sector begins to weigh on the wider economies.

Interest rates on home loan mortgages fell in line with the wider annuity markets, although problems in the residential markets were threatening to become a wind storm for the US as a whole. A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaging 4.53% during 16 Aug was six base points lower, according to mortgage lender Freddie Mac's figures for the year.

A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averages 4.01%, up from 4.05%. On average, the 5-year floating interest mortgage was 3.87%, three base points lower. These prices do not contain any charges associated with the receipt of mortgage credit. The mortgage rates are following the 10-year US Treasury grade TMUBMUSD10Y, -0.03%, which slumped last weekend as depositors poured into safe-haven investments in the course of the monetary turmoil.

Reduced prices are a blessing for borrower and should help to boost house building promotion. This means that the slow residential property markets are no longer a history in themselves. Now, according to analyses, residential construction will dampen overall macroeconomic expansion in the short run. Stagnating residential property markets could also have an impact on the labour markets.

Actual mortgage interest rates

The prices quoted on our website only apply to current bank overdrafts. If you are interested in rates on promotion or unavailable funds, please call 877.963.2100 and ask to talk to a customer service representative. For smaller units, you may need to move scrolling right and right to see the entire chart. Prices valid from 9 July 2018.

Reserved for loan authorisation. Prices are changeable at any date. Quotation may be changed or terminated at any moment.

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