Working as a Mortgage Advisor

Work as mortgage advisor

I' d already worked as a mortgage advisor before I came to Barclays. Being a mortgage consultant at Barclays was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. High pay and social benefits make the job attractive. Barclays employee reviews about the Barclays culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more.

How it's different to be a mortgage advisor with Barclays.

I' d already worked as a mortgage advisor before I came to Barclays. Being a mortgage consultant at Barclays was like nothing I'd ever known before. My intention was to tell my own life stories to tell you what makes working here so different from working for a real property agent or brokerage.

Beginning to search in London, I found a job as a mortgage consultant in Chiswick where I would complete my CeMap education. In addition, there was the possibility of working with qualified mortgage consultants who advised the company's clientele. For five years I was there, completed my vocational education and learned a great deal about distribution, addressing potential buyers, conducting valuations and the brokerage world.

After that, I chose to go to Barclays and take a Barclays position in London's West End. Barclays' greatest distinction from working for an independant company is the amount of information you need to know. If you are an independant mortgage agent or consultant working in a real property company, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what is going on with all your bank and other lending institutions.

If you work at Barclays, you can become an authority on their mortgage product. This allows you to talk to the client in trust and to know before the meeting which possible mortgage options might be available. Barclays also applied for a position because of the professional development and education they provided.

Many smaller organizations and independents do not have the same type of organization, and it can be difficult to advance your careers. With Barclays, as long as you're motivated and ardent. I have already taken a big leap forward in my present position as Wealth Mortgage Specialist since I have been here.

Barclays product experience has enabled me to make educated choices about whether a customer will be able to take out credit or not. A safe carreer in which you can further your development makes it an interesting place to work. I don't know what the next big thing will be, but I can imagine working for Barclays for the rest of my life, especially as there is still so much room for my future development.

Barclays is a fast-paced place to work. There are no revenue goals or commissions, which makes it easy to concentrate on the customer's needs. Indeed, Barclays' commitment to customers is a top concern for every employee. My last assignment was about printing for high revenue goals - and that can really make a difference to the way the people work.

Working with humans is my favorite work and I have many opportunities to do so at Barclays. This was an adaptation that made the transition from my former business to here, but it was good, and the difference shows how happy I am to work here.

To join us as a mortgage advisor, take a look at our latest vacancies for mortgage advisors in London and the South East.

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