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The Zero Down was a trilogy of former Strung Out bass player Jim Cherry, former Down by Law drummer Milo Todesco and former War Call Peace guitars player John McCree. Front man Cherry (who was also a guitar player and song writer for Epitaph Records group Pulley ) got the backing of Fat Wreck Chords proprietor Fat Mike, who in 2001 published the band's first (and only) record, With a Lifetime to Pay.

It was a review of the mid 90's tuneful skate-punk (no surprises considering the family tree of the members of Zero Down) and was well accepted. In August 2001 the group added a new member, ex-Lagwagon guitars player Shawn Dewey. On July 7, 2002, Zero Down came to a sudden downfall with the deaths of Jim Cherry from a life-long cardiac defect.

Earlier accounts indicate that Cherry was killed by an unintentional dosage excess of prescribed drugs; Fat Wreck Chords published the following statement[1][2][permanently deleted link]: In December 2002, however, the record company published another testimony about Cherry's death[3]:

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